Money Forklifts, like almost everything, lose some performance with constant use. Aging and deterioration affect more aspects than the security of the site itself. They can also lead to unexpected breakdowns and interruptions that will reduce your ability to work efficiently and productively. Sure, a good warranty and adherence to recommended service intervals will keep your trucks in top shape, but you also need them to stay that way for a long time.



The Costs Of Not Doing Money

For some companies, the costs involved in maintenance represent a problem. However, this is a somewhat short-sighted view, as these costs will be much cheaper than requesting an emergency visit… without also considering the cost of repairing the truck.

And This Is Just The Beginning Money

Unexpected breakdowns steal time and productivity. In a warehouse, for example, where every minute counts and productivity is essential, a broken-down truck blocking an aisle means paying a heavy price in the long run.

If the truck is going to be out of business for some time, you will need to have a replacement truck available – until your machine is fixed.

And this will take time… any delay in your operations increases the risk that this will affect your customers. Put yourself in their shoes: how many delays would you accept until you decided to move your business elsewhere?

Be Proactive With Your Truck Maintenance Money

Without a doubt, with a good maintenance contract, you will not have to worry about all this.

A good service provider will schedule and plan maintenance according to the needs of your trucks and your application.

These scheduled visits should provide you with the necessary checks to ensure your trucks are operating safely and productively. In addition, the technician can instruct you on how to perform the daily checks on your own.

They also help ensure that problems are identified and resolved before they become more serious and therefore more costly problems.

For employees who oversee operations, maintenance contracts provide the transparency needed to plan budgets and predict costs…while minimizing the risk of unscheduled downtime.

What should you look for?

With so many options available and their confusing jargon, choosing the right maintenance contract for your truck’s needs can be challenging. Try to choose a provider that individualizes the contract according to your application.

Typically you will be signing a 24 or even 60-month contract, so you must ensure your truck is adequately covered. Take time to compare quotes, including travel costs, after-hours rates, surcharges, etc.


Mitsubishi stresses that in order to maintain the durability and financial success of your wheelbarrow, it is imperative that you have a solid maintenance contract. Dealers work with clients to create a maintenance plan that keeps your business operating, and they provide extensive servicing programs.