Closet Systems: Making an unorganised, messy closet more orderly will help you discover what you need, use what you already have, and save time getting ready each day.

We consulted eight professionals for their best advice, spent more than 60 hours looking into and testing closet equipment, and contacted eight experts for their best recommendations to help you manage closets of any size.

To help you achieve your clean happiness, we have tips for anything from space-saving hangers to complete closet solutions.

Why You Should Trust us

We consulted with eight professionals in home organisation for this guide: the National Association of Black Professional Organisers (NABPO), which was founded by professional organiser Naeemah Ford Goldson;

Katrina Green, a board member of NABPO; Rebekah Bashorun, founder of Organise for Love; Julie Morgenstern, author of Organising From the Inside Out; Sharon Lowenheim, founder of Organising Goddess; and Debbie Harwin, owner/president of Debbie Harwin Professional Organising;

How to Organize a Closet

Everyone we talked to emphasised that taking inventory of your closet and getting rid of everything you don’t love or use frequently is the first step to building an effective, organised one.

Although you don’t have to reduce your wardrobe drastically, avoid letting items you never use take up important closet space.

A short guideline for saying goodbye to objects that may have outlived their usefulness is offered by Naeemah Ford Goldson, founder of the National Association of Black Professional Organisers: If you haven’t worn anything in a year, donate it.

Additionally, donate anything that doesn’t represent who you are today or fit. Additionally, our experts provided the following advice for setting up closets of any size:

  • Examine your objectives: Find out why you’re doing it, whether it’s for organisation, time savings, or aesthetics. “It’s easier to find a method that will work best for your needs once you know why you want to become organised,” advises Goldson.
  • Think before you buy: After getting rid of the items you no longer want, take a close look at what is left and decide how to best store everything. According to organiser Beth Penn, if you don’t do an inventory first, you won’t know what kind of storage you’ll need and can end up purchasing bins and boxes that aren’t functional for your needs.
  • Select tools that are easily organised: Especially for a small space, make an investment in the most space-saving storage items you can locate. Instead of big wooden hangers or storage containers with drawers that take up more room, look for alternatives like skinny hangers and shelf dividers.

Small-Closet Organizers

The sleek accessories in this category are made to maximise the amount of room available on closet rods, shelves, drawers and floors.

Most people should be able to organise a small closet with the help of a few of these suggestions and a few hours.

Hanging closet Oorganizers

The majority of our experts advised against using fabric hanging organisers supported by closet bars because they have a tendency to sag and collect dust.

However, Katrina Green, an interior designer and professional organiser (licenced in the Philippines),

Thinks they have a place in very compact areas since they let you utilise your vertical space more effectively than if you only used clothes hangers.

We investigated 14 products and put three of them to the test because they are a popular, simple, and economical solution to add storage to a small closet.

Depending on the height of your closet rod, the six-shelf version of this Container Store organiser may almost reach your floor at 50 inches long.

We appreciate the size and shelf of this organiser, whose divisions should be spacious enough to hold sweaters, folded sheets, or towels.

Although the off-white cotton canvas is somewhat thin, we are confident in its durability.

Closet-rod Extender

Any closet in which you want to increase the amount of vertical hanging space can benefit from the addition of closet-rod extenders: To hang twice as many stuff, a second closet rod is hung below your built-in rod.

Theoretically, they ought to be simple to set up and use. The majority of rod extenders are useless.

Three rods—the ClosetMaid Double Hang Closet Rod, the DecoBros Adjustable Hanging Closet Rod, and the Umbra Dublet Adjustable Closet Rod Expander—were tested out of the eight we looked at.


According to all of our experts, using narrow hangers for clothing is the most effective approach to make the most room in any closet.

Slim hangers prevent clothing from wrinkling and rumpling in storage by giving everything more room.

The stylish, long-lasting continuous steel rod design of MAWA’s space-saving hangers ensures years of use.

Even the slinkiest clothing won’t fall to the floor thanks to its anti-slip PVC coating (available in a variety of colours).

Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers are excellent for keeping bags separated and upright as well as tidying up piles of clothing or linens.

Our experts strongly advise using them since they are more space-efficient than storage bins and keep everything in plain sight.

We loved the Lynk Tall Shelf Dividers because they have the nicest design, are made of a strong gauge coated steel, and are the sturdiest we could find after looking at 12 and testing 5. These shelf dividers won’t take up any additional space due to their compact profile.

Drawer Organizers

Using organisers to divide your drawer might assist keep folded clothing organised or prevent socks and pants from being disorganised.

We suggest Dial’s Dream Drawer Organisers after looking into 16 and testing 5 sets of drawer organisers.

Compared to the competition, they took up less space, were easier to adjust, and stayed in place longer.

We enjoyed the fact that these drawer organisers were the only ones we saw that came with parts to split drawers both vertically and horizontally.

Hook Racks

The iDesign Axis 8-Hook Wall-Mounted Rack won our contest for best rack for organising ties, belts, scarves, and necklaces in a small space.

It is well-built, with hooks that are each deep enough to hold several items while being sufficiently spaced apart to prevent smaller accessories from becoming cramped.

This hook rack, which is only 1814 inches wide, is a good choice if you’re searching for a practical solution to organise miscellaneous items inside or outside the closet.

Closet Systems

A system, whether fitted or modular, is a game-changing solution to use vertical space, get rid of clutter, and fit more of your belongings in a closet that lacks structure.

According to Naeemah Ford Goldson, the best approach to ensure that your wardrobe functions for you is to customise it with a system ‘instead of you having to work around what you inherited with your wardrobe’. Due to freestanding products, renters might also take this into consideration.

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