Mommy Makeover Approaching conventional from the United States, this surgery removes the sequelae of gravidity anywhere it is widely practiced. “We are concerned about the post-pregnancy figure. In France, surgeons are limited to two or three operations maximum: abdomen and breasts in priority, and sometimes, liposuction. In the United States, it is possible to multiply them. “For us, the keyword is safety,” says the surgeon. “It’s not easy to have multiple operations, especially since these operations can immobilize women for a while.”

The most critical intervention concerns the abdomen since it is necessary to attack the muscular structure. Often the abdominal muscles melt away after pregnancy. It is, therefore, a question of tightening them: “We do a smoothing of the belly to bring the design to the silhouette, and then, we tighten the skin, and we do a lift.” It may be a question of raising breasts, putting a small implant to increase – or restore – the volume or injecting fat.

What Are The Risks For Patients?

Intervention gives results, but it is not without risks “. Abdominoplasty is one plastic surgery procedure that carries the most significant phlebitis risk. This severe disease begins by forming a clot in the blood, which can break by the bloodstream to the pulmonary vessels. Phlebitis can thus cause pulmonary embolisms.

“It’s not an operation that we take lightly,” says the surgeon. “Already, you have to have a healthy weight, so this intervention is generally not practice before at least a year after pregnancy.”

Then, according to the doctor, these risks of phlebitis are also linked to being overweight. Therefore, the patient’s body mass index should not be too high. Smoking also increases the chances.

“In these cases, we ask patients to lose weight and quit smoking.” You should also know that this surgery can lead to a work stoppage of several weeks.

What Is The Cost Of This Operation?

“In France, the level of security is high. So it comes at a cost.” Between 4,000 and 5,000 euros for the abdominal part and the breasts. The total amount can therefore vary between 6,000 and 10,000 euros. “Only the part related to the abdomen can taken care of”, But there is one condition: that the belly covers the publish”.

Post-Pregnancy Inconveniences Are Numerous.

Weight gain, damaged belly, relaxed breasts. To remedy this, some women decide to embark on the “mommy makeover”, a post-pregnancy surgery. What does this intervention consist of? What are the risks , plastic surgeon and secretary-general of the French Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery (Soccer), answered questions from Melanie Gomez on Tuesday in the program Sans Rendezvous.

Mommy Makeover

Mammoplasty: breasts that have fallen after pregnancy and lactation can lift so that they recover their original shape, or directly opt for a breast augmentation that fills in the volume of excess skin, as it leaves fewer scars than the first option.

Abdominoplasty: Its objective is to restore the abdomen’s firmness, eliminate skin folds and fat pockets, and tighten the muscles through a small incision in the pubic bone. It even used to remove the scar caused by a cesarean section, changing it for a more aesthetic one (more minor and more acceptable). Also Read: What To Do If You Have Generalized Bone Pain?

Liposuction and Liposculpture: Liposuction removes fat but does not affect skin or muscle distention. Hence, the recommendation is to combine it with a tummy tuck to sculpt the waist and abdomen at your convenience.
The Mommy Makeover offers a radical solution, but it is not exempt from the risks that any of the procedures described entails.