Instagram has not stopped growing, reaching more than 1,000 million active users per month worldwide. We are today one of the most powerful platforms on the market. Knowing how to carry out marketing strategies on Instagram and carry out effective advertising campaigns on this social network is the goal that every small business or company pursues when it comes to wanting to gain visibility on the Internet. Suppose we are taking the first steps in this social network in our case. Perhaps starting with Some basic actions that help us build our community is the best option to generate interest and create lasting relationships with our target audience. Before beginning with the promised advice, we cannot forget that this social network conceives to be purely visual. So we must pay close attention to the images we publish in it. These must be of quality and closely related to our business.

Marketing Through Instagram: 14 Tips to Follow

We will see the best marketing strategies on Instagram to help you sell as a personal brand or your e-commerce with your products.


1. Optimize the information in the biography

As in any social network, the memoir is the business card of any account. The most relevant information should be clearly and directly in this section. Also, this is the only space where links place for most funds. The most significant handicap is the limitation of the characters, so it will be necessary to plan the information in detail. This space must contain the main keyword of the account, that is, the one that defines what the user will find and essential links to other profiles and professional web pages.

2. Include a link to your portfolio

It is a relevant point for freelancers and freelancers. In addition to links to other appropriate social profiles and your website, it doesn’t hurt to include a link to a portfolio. Because space is tight, many users use a link tree, which allows several vital connections to pack into one.

3. Switch to a professional account

Although it is possible to work with a personal Instagram account, the correct thing to do is do it with a company or content creator account. The change offers access to Instagram statistics, Instagram Ads, and the ability to include contact information and a call-to-action button on the profile. The difference is straightforward since it is complete from the profile settings.

4. Planning

There can be no digital marketing strategy without planning. First of all, clear objectives sets. For example, do we want more people to know about the brand? Are we looking to win more customers? Generate more sales? The objectives can be combined and defined in depth. However, the important thing is to know what we want to achieve at all times. Next, an audience is limits since only by knowing who our target audience is will it be possible to create content that is attractive to them.

5. Free Instagram tools

Like Facebook, Instagram has several free devices that allow users to analyze the performance of the account and each publication. Find your target audience and use the information to plan, as these metrics provide valuable demographic information, which can tell a lot about your target audience.

6. Post at the right time

One of the advantages of Instagram analytics tools is that it offers a report on the best times to post on the network. It is possible to take advantage of this information to create a content calendar and always publish at the best time. At first, when there is still not enough data, you should try different time slots until you find the right one.

7. Choose the hashtags

If it were an SEO strategy, the hashtags would have the same function as the keywords to position the content. It is possible to use third-party tools that search for the most used tags to find the most suitable ones. However, it is also possible to use keyword research tools or analyze competitor accounts and similar accounts to create a list of the most used. Instagram also allows you to search by hashtags, which will enable you to find posts that use a specific hashtag and analyse them.

8. Create your hashtag

Creating your hashtag with the company’s name or product allows people to connect with the content easily. Brands like Coca-Cola or Red bull have hashtags like “gives you wings”, a tag that Red bull uses to mark their content and that users also use to keep content related to the brand they create themselves.

9. Visually attractive content

Instagram is a visual network, so the posts must be visually stunning. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, but photos should be sharp, clear, well-lit, and well-composed. The photographs must bring the brand or product closer to users, so they must be original. It is also possible to use the IG feed to create visually striking colour effects.

10. Use the stories

The stories serve to bring a company’s day-to-day closer to the audience. It is also a space to offer quick advice and tips for performing tasks or using products. Unlike in the feed, which should not publish more than two daily posts,  you can print as many times in the stories.

11. Featured stories and covers

These two elements fix the profile, so they will be one of the first things users see. Highlight use stories to create short tutorials or gather relevant stories, such as the brand’s appearance on a show or an event. It generates an additional component of the content, which can be very interesting for some profiles.

12. User-generated content

One of the advantages of social networks is that users publish their content, some of it using the brand’s products or services. In this sense, it is possible to borrow this content and republish it. On the one hand, more visibility gives to the account that created the range, which generates a sense of belonging, and on the other hand, it saves time since the users themselves create the content. In this sense, a launch can be used to create a new hashtag and ask users to create their content.

13. Attractive texts

On IG, images can accompany texts of 2,200 characters, so there is more than enough space to create an extensive copy. Please take the opportunity to create a story that is interesting for readers, and it is possible to use white space, emojis and anything else that is attractive. On the other hand, unless the user opens the post. Only the first two lines will be visible, so make good use of space and grab attention.

14. Interaction

IG is one social network that generates the most engagement between users and content. However, an effort must be made for this to work. Reply to your comments, and you should regularly interact with other profiles so that a stream produces interactions.


To get results on Instagram, just like in the rest of the social networks, you need to dedicate time to it and plan well everything that will be complete. It is just a guide with change strategies that you can carry out. But now it’s your turn. Define what activities you will carry out on your Instagram account to achieve your goals and start applying them now.

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