Cotton candy, also a so-called cloud of cotton cloud, is a trendy candy worldwide, made up of threads of melted sugar tangled around a stick, cone, or none at all.

Is there something delicious that brings us so many good memories of our childhood? Possibly not. You have to see the happy face of a child when he has one of these in his hand. That happiness can come to your house in a  machine.

Machines are reaching more homes and becoming one of the most demanded gifts. Can you come with us? You did not know? Then this guide interests you a lot. In it, we will talk about these “new” appliances that are sweeping in recent times, and that offers us so much joy.


How is Cotton Candy Made?

That tangle of sugary threads presented in different colors that come out of a machine that does not stop turning is today a sweet that looks at askance, but that for those of us who were children a few decades ago brings back memories and feelings from the past.

If you want to remember those flavors or try to make the cotton candy recipe at home, you must know what the formula contains. These sugary sticks that are reminiscent of cotton contain sucrose and food coloring.

However, although it may seem from the size of these many cotton candy that it contains a kilo of sucrose, the reality is that it has a very low density as it completes up of intertwined threads. It can contain between 20 and 25 grams of sugar, equivalent to one tablespoon.

Steps to Make Cotton Candy

  • The king of children’s parties of yesteryear, it is made with a specific machine in the past. Only the owners of stalls had at fairs and parties, and today you can buy them online without much problem.
  • This machine has two parts, one of them is shaped like a bowl and is where the fluff comes from, which later turns to employ a wooden stick to become cotton candy, and the second is a compartment where the sugar deposit.
  • The bowl has a rotating cylinder in the center, and also the walls have a kind of holes that cover by electrical resistance. The bowl contains the sugar strands, and its circular shape allows continuous movement preventing the sugar threads from breaking. Thus the sugar cone can grow.
  • Suppose you have a sugar machine or are thinking of buying one for a children’s party. You should know that the operation is straightforward. You will have to plug the device into the mains and when activated. The sugar compartment will begin to rotate and throw the candy that will adhere to the bowl’s walls. The walls will be hot, allowing the sugar to melt and take on a more dense consistency.
  • When the sugar coming out of the bowl comes into contact with the cold air, it returns to its initial consistency and crystallizes. At this point, it is ready to be rolled onto a wooden stick. However, thanks to the rotation, it remains in the form of a thread.

The Most Important

Having a machine at home is every child’s dream (and of many adults, of course), and now it is more than possible. We have a wide variety of these machines at our disposal to choose the one that we like the most in the market.

We can prepare this sweet dream quickly, easily, and without straining too much with a cotton candy machine.

That yes, although it is something similar to the game when we decide to buy a cotton candy machine, we must set some rules. It is best to consider dimensions, power, materials, or functionality factors.

The Top Cotton Candy Machines on the Market

Does it also happen to you that when you see a cotton candy machine, almost unconsciously, your mouth waters? It is normal. However, when deciding which device to take home, we need to keep a cool head. As we know that it costs a bit, we leave you our favorites to serve as a guide.

  • The cotton candy machine for professional use
  • The classic design cotton candy machine
  • The cotton candy machine for home
  • Online shoppers’ favorite cotton candy machine

Is a Cotton Candy Machine a Toy?

Indeed, the first thing that arises to mind when we think of having a cotton candy machine at home is that it will be a toy. Well, nothing is further from reality. It machines have become another appliance in our house, and it is not a toy at all. Significantly, we take this into reason, especially if we are going to use our machine in the presence of the smallest of the house.

Although the result is the most fun, it machines can be dangerous if not used correctly. Therefore, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before getting down to business.

Can any Sugar be used in a Cotton Candy Machine?

Imagine that you are in front of the cotton candy machine, brand new, already at home. And now, what kind of sugar can you use? Well, there is quite a discrepancy in the answer. While some cooking experts say that table sugar can uses, others think it must be of a particular type. It is one of the most common approaches.

There are ready-made mixtures that are also appropriate for caring for the machine. The most common is to use sugar with Flossine, an American concentrate that adds the flavor and color so characteristic of cotton candy. You can find it in many changing colors.


It is not about recommending cotton candy, but if you are going to prepare it for a children’s party or you cannot resist. When you pass by a fair booth, it is at least necessary that you know what it contains and how it is complete. Ow, you know that cotton candy has about a tablespoon of sugar and food coloring and can only be over with a particular machine made up of a bowl with a resistance and a reservoir that rotates. This way, you can adjust your diet, so you don’t go overboard with sugar.