With the growth of Application Service Providers (ASPs) in the 1990s, managed IT service providers arose, providing IT infrastructure and remote application hosting services without requiring on-site travel.

In a managed service agreement, the service provider is responsible for the proper functioning of the service and the IT team.

To provide these services, the customer usually pays a monthly fee so that he benefits from cost prediction and transfers the burden of IT management and maintenance to the service provider.

A managed IT service provider can charge in various ways: price per device, per user, or a flat rate. The provider can adjust its price based on the characteristics of the client.


Benefits of Having Managed IT Services:

  • When these activities outsource, the company can more easily focus on its business strategy.
  • The operating and also infrastructure costs that an IT department requires reduces.
  • The availability of all the platforms that depend on IT ensures better provision complete for all the business areas that rely on them.
  • We always work with the most innovative technologies and adapt to the managing services.
  • It is a scalable solution; if its expansion requires progress is complete, it can complete quickly.

Characteristics of Managed IT Service providers

Providers of managed service companies ensure that all IT processes of a business function optimally.

Reacting immediately to the occurrence of any incident or problem that may cause an interruption of service or daily business operations.

The main benefits of a managed IT service provider are:

1. 24/7 technical support

With a managed service provider, companies will continuously have a qualified and experienced technician who will ensure the proper functioning of their IT resources.

The provision of these services extends every day of the year and 24 hours a day. Guaranteeing that when a service request or IT incident occurs, there will be an immediate response, regardless of when it happens.

2. Reduced monthly costs

The manageable services are scalable, so the client can hire those they need, expanding them whenever they want quickly and easily.

The costs of subscribing to this type of service are controlled by the company,  knowing the fee that must be paid periodically , which provides better control of expenses.

3. Advanced network management

The MSP acts as an extension of internal teams, removing the complexity of IT architecture and offering a single and flexible infrastructure management service.

This field is vast, so taking a multidisciplinary team allows you to have specialized technicians in the different networking areas: firewalls, connectivity, VPN, VLAN, security elements, voice, and data all of them with their other technologies.

With MSP services, IT staff are free from the hassle of managing the network, saving them time and also money to focus on tasks that add value to the core business.

4. Security improvements

Security is an important topic. Your network has vulnerabilities that you must protect.

Hiring IT allows you to take advantage of the extensive knowledge of experts trained in this subject to provide security solutions for your business.

Your managed service provider can help you keep your software and security up to date.

5. They adapt to any companies

MSPs offer services that suit all types of businesses:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often hire a managed service provider as they have limited internal IT capacity. Delegating the management of their IT resources to the MSP.
  • Large corporations lease the services of an MSP in many cases. Such as when they have a global attendance in different time zones and want 24/7 support, regardless of physical location.
  • Technology companies in general (regardless of SMEs or large corporations). Use managed service providers to strengthen the core of their business. Offload your workload on tasks such as server maintenance and updating and implement solutions with a high level of security for your platforms and systems. These companies seek a high degree of specialization in this type of service.
  • Government agencies and public managements also turn to MSPs. Especially when they have budget limitations or when hiring specialized IT personnel.

So, the predictable costs of the subscription model of managed service providers allow any company to benefit from its advantages.

6. Stay compliant

So, today, many industries have agreement standards that they must follow. Without added support, it can be easy to err and lose business.

IT outsourcing agrees you focus on getting the job done. While your managed service offers you implementation strategies to meet industry regulatory standards.

7. Computer advice

The managed service provider also provides IT and technology advisory services to help the business achieve higher profitability, productivity, and competitiveness. With an MSP, it will be easier to identify the IT needs of the company to implement the best solutions.

Unlimited as an MSP, We Offer Different Types of Services

  • A managed service provider provides its native services alongside the services of other providers, such as third-party cloud security services.
  • At I limit, we offer managed services such as managed systems, managed DevOps, network, workstation, or managed infrastructure services.
  • With Limits’ managed services, we take care of the management of the company’s systems and also networks. Freeing the IT team from that burden, which can be dedicated to other tasks to improve the core of the business.
  • Our services stand out for their quality and a clear orientation towards the client. Differentiating us from the traditional operators of managed services that operate in the market. With a close and personalized service. We take care of our client’s infrastructure, and also IT resources to ensure they feel calm and confident that their systems are working correctly.
  • Information technologies are constantly changing, and also companies need to be agile and  adaptable to keep up with this pace and evolution. Therefore, a managed service provider will be excellent support for the business. To have complete confidence in the operation and performance of its IT resources.
  • At I limit, we offer managed services to free business IT managers from routine tasks and also comprehensively manage IT infrastructures.


Choosing IT managed services is like working with a strong technology partner who has your back.

Your business can concentrate on what you know best and do best: product development, business growth, and also customer service.

With managed services, you can save on costs and enjoy the domain expertise of your service provider.