HDMI Not Working High-Definition Multimedia Interface (or HDMI) is a proprietary audio and video technology that delivers uncompressed video to a high-definition (HD) or 4K display. In a nutshell, an HDMI cable is a typical cable used to connect third-party devices to a TV or PC monitor.

PCs and laptops often come with an HDMI port that allows you to branch out to a second monitor or enjoy TV and movies on a larger screen. It depends on the HDMI port is working; if it doesn’t, you’ll have to fix the problem.

If HDMI isn’t working in Windows 11, you can try some of these standard solutions to get it working again.

Solutions If An HDMI Port Is Not Working

An  HDMI port is one of the best standard inputs today that a computer . This allows you to define better on any device and broadcast audio and video. Although it is one of the most recent ports,  it is not exempt from problems, so this topic is necessary.

Before changing your computer, you have to do a few things to ensure you don’t have a fix. Since, in many cases, even the manufacturers themselves offer the solution, this time, we present the alternatives for you to try.

How To Fix HDMI Problems

Connectivity is a fundamental part of any computer or laptop. Maintenance tasks should always be done to avoid permanent failures that require changing a part or piece of the computer.

When the  HDMI port fails, it is a concern because it is one of the most used inputs. Either connect the monitor, a projector or any other where an image can see. It is worth mentioning that these little tricks can use for  Windows 10 and Windows 11

Port Cleaning

One of the most common problems is the HDMI port being full of dust or dirt. To solve it, it is recommended to clean it with a brush or any other tool inserted into the port without damaging it. If your pc skills advance. You can take the port apart and deep clean it.

Try Another HDMI Port Or Cable

Connect another cable if you have several HDMI cables in your home or office. It may be that the line is the one that is damaged and the others are not. Another problem is that you connect to another port to ensure it’s not a cable problem.

After doing these tests, you have to connect to all the available ports. If it is a problem with the HDMI input, you will have to change it or take it to the technical support of the brand that has manufactured the laptop or computer.

Restart Your Computer

If you have different monitors and the image is not showing, try other cables or restart your computer. If you have intermittence in the photo, you have to change the monitor, and it is not a problem with the line.

Update The Operating System

You have to go to the operating system settings, and you need to verify that you have the latest updates for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS or any other that you use. Afterwards, you have to restart your computer to start from scratch.

Update Display Drivers

You have to go from Windows to Device Manager and identify the HDMI and display ports. You only have to click and click on the “Update driver” option. If after this they have not be solve, you will have to go to the manufacturer’s technical service to provide a solution