Let’s face it, going to the Gym needs willpower that not all people are capable of finding, because any of us know someone who, after two weeks of being enrolled in the gym, has already stopped going, alleging some of these excuses.

Why is Motivation Important?

Before knowing how to motivate yourself to go to the gym, we must see why it is essential to invest attention in this aspect.

When we inspire ourselves to carry out any action, it is easier for us to take the first steps to execute it, and we do not feel that we are making a sacrifice to stay active but that we do it with pleasure.

Adopt Good Sleep Habits

Good sleep habits make it easier for you to have better physical and mental activity during the day.

If you sleep for the recommended hours (about 8), you will be getting restful sleep for your body, you will see good results during your training day, and you will not be lazy to attend.

It is one of the easiest tricks to get motivated to go the gym. Set a fixed schedule every day should do gym time to time.

In this way, you will be programming your brain to adapt to a new habit, and you will not forget so readily to leave that hour free.

Once you have attended for a while (approximately 21 days), you will see how it becomes much easier and more natural for you to carry out your daily training routines.

Choose an Accessible Gym


Another tip for motivating yourself to go to the gym is that you should not forget.

What do we mean by accessible? Well, it is comfortable for you to get to it, as far as possible that it is close to work or home.

This way, there will be fewer excuses to miss. Transportation, weather, and schedule can be the most used.

Therefore, if you are on the way home, you are more likely to enter than if you have to go by subway, bus, or walk many streets.

Have a Coffee One Hour Before Training

It’s not a myth, and it’s an absolute scientifically proven reality; as Merchant confirms: caffeine helps increase performance without harming our health (obviously if taken in moderation).

That’s why having a coffee before training (usually an hour before) will stimulate you and help boost your activity and reduce muscle soreness.

Train with a Friend

It is much easier to go to train if you do it at ease, and if you take advantage of these moments to train with a friend, going to the gym will be much less burdensome.

A partner can help you with the lifts, supervise your technique, and make less bearable workouts. Also, if you both commit to each other to try, you will still make more sense of why you do things.

Select Comfortable Clothes

Perhaps you are not a big fan of sportswear because you find it somewhat uncomfortable or are used to other clothes.

Therefore, we recommend that you choose very well what you will wear to exercise. For example, wearing new clothes can be motivation enough to get into the gym.

A banana or a handful of almonds half an hour before training

If you train late in the afternoon, it is customary to be hungry (and that hunger becomes an excuse).

For this reason, it is wise to drink something half an hour before training to have energy (and be able to last until dinner).

Any recommendation? Take a handful of almonds, an apple, an energy bar, or a banana.

Reward yourself

If you put in the effort to achieve something, you should reward yourself from time to time.

It is often convenient to take a step back that allows you to take two forward. Reward yourself consistently; don’t ruin your results by spoiling your diet, and don’t reward yourself by skipping workouts.

If you do all this, you will only be fooling yourself. So instead, reward yourself when you’ve earned it, and do it without this interfering with your results.

Train when there are not many People

Again, it is about making things easy for yourself if you want to be successful because this will allow you to have to work less to get what you want. For example, if you go to the gym when there are many people, you will most likely get distracted or waste a lot of time waiting for some machines to become free, and neither of these things should be an excuse.

To solve this problem, avoid peak hours and preferably train early to get rid of training as soon as possible when your willpower is at its highest.

Track your Progress

Conveniently, you keep track of your progress because you often may not notice your improvements with the naked eye, but surely you will see them if you compare yourself with your starting point.

Perceiving results is a good way of reinforcing positive behavior, so you should try it if you want to stay motivated, but don’t obsess over it either, as this extreme is not good either.

Get ready even if you don’t Feel Like it

Even if you don’t feel like going to train one day, This may sound silly to you, but it is not. The most likely thing is that the inertia you will gain will help you go to train even if you didn’t feel like it at first.


That is why the motivation to start the gym is not to feel that we do it out of obligation, but instead that it is a leisure activity for us, a way to enjoy while staying healthy. It is essential to kind sure that the motivation comes from within us.

It is an internal motivation and not motivated by rewards imposed by external objects, such as that people will like us more if we get muscular or lose weight.