Google Translate Unblocked All you need to do is navigate to Google translate and paste the URL of the blocked website that you want to visit. Remember, this trick won’t work with child Google translate that you see on your Google search results. Visit the vanilla version, i.e.,

If a website fails to open in English, try changing the language inside the translation(right) panel. Now you can access your favorite websites all using Google translate Or, if you don’t even want to visit Google Translate, you can copy this URL

What is Google Translate?

Google Translate is a free tool, it will get on Google. This tool use for translate the documents one language to other language. Its a very use full tools, it will offers 109 languages.

What is Google Translate

It usually translates the source text into English and then into the target language. Considering the fact that most documents are available online in English, this definitely makes the whole process easier.

How does it work? First, you need to select a language pair, copy and paste or write down your source text, and the translation will appear in the other field.

Sounds pretty simple, does not it? Even though it looks like a simple process, a complex web of machine learning is behind it. Follow us and we’ll explain how!

How do I unblock Google Translate?

Go to Click Language Tools. Under the Translate section, select the Translate a web page option. Enter the same URL that was previously blocked.

Just copy and paste the URL of the page you want to view into Google Translate. On the left side, click on any language as long as it isn’t “Detect Language,” then translate it into English.

You should be able to view the page (possibly with a few quirks, but otherwise intact) through Google Translate.

Can I Use Google Translate For School?

While Google Translate was not originally created for educational purposes, it can benefit the classroom. This app can be downloaded and used across any mobile device or from a computer. Users can enter their text in English and select the language they want translating.

The information that can be translated includes text, media, videos, and speech. The app has translations for over 100 different languages at different levels.

Can I Use Google Translate For School

Students even have the option of saving their translations for later use.

The app even offers the option of the text being entered through an on-screen keyboard, talk to text, and speech recognition.

How Does Google Translate Bypass Blocked Websites?

Even now, I often use Holo to access country-specific websites like Pandora and Spotify. However, you also used it for accessing blocked websites on colleges and offices. To get this extension, do a simple Google Search. Hola is out there for Chrome, Firefox, and Android.

Freegate is a software application developed by Dynamic Internet Technology (DIT) that permits internet users from mainland China, North Korea, Syria, Iran and many others. Freegate will function in Proxy mode when it’s run.

However, you too can change to Classic mode.  The re’s a lot of software which can present you the anonymous browsing facility. Earlier we explained using Ultrasurf, which has a drawback of speed. So here I am gonna use another Software.

Google Translate Unblocked Games

How annoyed you felt when you were bored at break time in school, wanted to relax a bit, and found that your school blocked your favorite game?

Schools may use a web filter or firewall to block some content that they feel would affect productivity or is rather dangerous to surf for their students.

Well, let me tell you this is not the end of the world. Here I am going to introduce you to a very simple yet effective way to bypass such content filter to unblock games blocked by the ISP.

I would not say that this trick will work for all sorts of blocked sites; nonetheless, it is proved successful in unblocking the regular gaming sites at schools.

Google Translate may not be as effective in contexts with less familiar language if the source language is not English. Chances of error or wrong website address are higher in such cases.

Besides, misplaced translation frequently happens on this site due to a lack of appropriate words and proper understanding of the context.

How to Use Google Translate to Get Better Translations More Quickly

Google Translate can translate phrases and words for you and complete documents, including PDFs, Microsoft Word, HTML documents, and plain and rich text documents.

The file-size limit for translating documents (as stated in Google’s FAQs) is 1MB. However, you may have success with larger documents. After all, it doesn’t hurt to try. Keep in mind, the larger the document, the longer the translation will take.

To use Google Translate to translate an entire document, follow these steps and see the figure below for reference:

  • Open a web browser and navigate to to access the website without having a Google account.
  • In the top left area of your screen, click the Documents button.
  • Click Browse to navigate to a document you want to translate on your hard drive.
  • At the top left of the window in which your document appears, choose the language that the document is already in — for example, English.
  • On the right, choose the language you want the document translated into — for example, French.
  • Click Translate.


So as you can see the pros and cons of google translate make it clear that, although you may sometimes have success using Google translate, you would not want to use it for anything of great importance without checking to make sure that there are no errors in context, grammar or otherwise.

That is a job for a professional translator. If there is no other choice and you need to translate something which will not impact your life or business in any major way then go ahead and use Google Translate. Or if you must use Google Translate, make sure that you have a native speaker proof read and review the text!