Redbox Promo Code: are special offers that, when entered at the Redbox kiosk during checkout, will entitle you to a free one-night rental of a movie or game.

Find a Redbox location near you using the online locator, then use the promo codes or sources listed below to claim your free movie. When checking out at the Redbox kiosk, use the promotional code.

All of the Redbox promotional codes listed below are still good as of January 2023 and will get you a free movie.

You can acquire a special code by texting one of the following to 727272: VALPAK, EMAIL, FREEBIE, PUSH, MOVIE, MOVIENIGHT, MOVIE TIME, or DEAL. Use this code to enjoy a free one-night DVD rental.

You may also use the coupon to save $1.50 when renting a Blu-ray or video game. The no-cost Redbox coupon can be redeemed at the kiosk, online at, or via the Redbox mobile app. One week after you obtain the Redbox code, it becomes invalid. Unknown expiration date.

Sign Up For Redbox Emails And Get A Free Rental

You can get a free Redbox code good for a free 1-day DVD rental when you sign up to receive Redbox emails. After signing up, you must verify your email address in order to receive the code.

  • The code is sent immediately after confirming your email address.
  • You can keep getting free codes if you use different email accounts.
  • Codes don’t expire for two weeks.

Get a Free Redbox Rental When You Download Their App

You can get a voucher for a free rental applied to your account by downloading the Redbox app for free and enabling push notifications on your phone.

The Redbox app is available on Google Play for Android devices and the iOS App Store for iPhones and iPads.

  • Works only once.
  • Might take up to an hour to get the free code.
  • Getting the free code is really easy.

Join the Redbox Text Club for Free Redbox Codes

Redbox texts discounts and occasionally a coupon for a free one-night Redbox rental to members of its Redbox Text Club several times per month.

Simply text Redbox to sign up for the Redbox Text Club by following the website’s instructions.

  • Discount codes come in often.
  • Redbox codes are hard to miss because they come as text messages.
  • You have to have a valid phone number for this to work.

Join Redbox Perks

You can get a free rental through Redbox Perks on both your birthday and the anniversary of joining the programme.

You can also accrue points for each DVD you rent or Redbox On Demand purchases. These points can be used to get free rentals.

  • You don’t have to do anything (but wait) to get the free Redbox rental.
  • Isn’t as on-demand as other methods where you get the code soon.
  • You must spend money on rentals to redeem points for free codes.

Reserve Online and Get a Free Redbox Code

This is a simple method to obtain a free Redbox promotional code if you are a new customer.

You must first register a new account to reserve a Redbox movie online and pick it up at the Redbox kiosk. Unfortunately, this one will cost you money.

After you return the rental, a free credit will be added to your account, which you can use to obtain your subsequent Redbox rental at no cost.

  • You have to complete one rental first.
  • Works for new accounts only.
  • Perfect for new users.

Follow the Official Redbox Social Media Accounts

Redbox frequently offers Facebook users stuff. Redbox routinely offers free vouchers for a single night’s rental on their Facebook page.

Become a follower of Redbox and keep an eye on your news feed to receive your free Redbox Facebook vouchers. On occasion, Redbox will post a wall update with a free Redbox code.

Redbox also maintains a @redbox Twitter account, which is an excellent location to keep an eye on for any fresh Redbox promotions and bargains.

If Redbox announces any codes there, you’ll be among the first to learn about them if you enable mobile push alerts.

The Redbox Instagram account is the final thing you can follow. Keep an eye out for promotions and other benefits that followers might be missing.

  • A great place to find free Redbox codes if you’re already a social media user.
  • Works over and over, even if you’re not a new Redbox customer.
  • You have to be a social media user to stay on top of any updates.
  • Other, irrelevant social media posts are shown, too, in addition to any Redbox codes.

Watch for Redbox Location Specific Free Redbox Codes

The location of a kiosk frequently distributes tickets for cost-free Redbox rentals. This could be a grocery store, a fast food joint or a petrol station.

On the signs, receipts, and fliers you encounter at these locations, be sure to keep a close look out for them.

  • Redbox codes are hard to miss if you’re already visiting a kiosk.
  • Isn’t as easy as the other methods to finding free Redbox codes.


How do I enter a promo code in the Redbox app?

You use promo codes when you go to check out in the Redbox app. Select your rental as usual, and then click Continue to Checkout from the My Bag screen. Before you finalize the transaction, you can enter promo codes in the appropriate field.

How do I use a Redbox code online?

Just like in the app, you’ll enter codes just before you finalize a rental. Click the Apply Promo link on the checkout page. You’ll need a credit card on file to check out, but the site won’t charge you if you’re redeeming a free rental.