ANA Insurance Nowadays, having auto insurance on a mandatory basis has become the headache of many drivers, however, it is important to recognize that beyond being an expense, it is an investment that can provide you with the financial support and peace of mind that you need. you need in the event of a road incident, which is why ANA Seguros becomes a great option to generate that peace of mind.

ANA car insurance is a company in the insurance sector that provides the best benefits on the market in your car insurance, provides efficient service and quality in its various coverages and car insurance packages.

Seguro’s ANA Insures Various Types Of Vehicles:

  • automobiles
  • trucks
  • motorcycles
  • tourist cars
  • taxis
  • other vehicles

These Are Some Of The Benefits Of Your ANA Auto Insurance:

  • Legal defense in case of any eventuality.
  • Road and travel assistance, with gasoline service, locksmith, crane, power supply, etc.
  • Payment for theft and/or loss in 48 hours.
  • Legal advice in the event of a robbery or assault.
  • Protection of material damage to the interior of the car in attempted theft.
  • Various forms of payment in your auto insurance.
  • Monthly payment without interest or in cash.
  • No payment of deductibles in total loss of material damage.
  • Protection against strikes, floods, falling trees, vandalism,  among others.
  • Cleaning and conditioning of the car for the transfer of the injured occupants.
  • Help with a transport for the total robbery.
  • Repair time in workshops: approximately 10 business days.
  • ANA Seguros adjusters are certified by the CNSF.

Hiring your auto insurance with ANA Seguros and Mi Seguro de Auto is the best option, in a matter of minutes you can get the best auto insurance with the best coverage, remember that being protected is better than not being protected. Don’t think about it anymore and quote your car insurance right now!

Ana Car Insurance Packages And Coverage?

Ana Car Insurance Packages And Coverage

ANA Seguro is a renowned insurance business that specializes in the automobile industry, providing extensive coverage alternatives to guarantee that its clients have the best possible insurance coverage.

ANA Seguro’s Offers You The Following Packages And Coverage:

  • ANA Comprehensive Coverage
  • And ANA limited coverage
  • Civil Liability ANA Insurance

In addition to the coverages that are common in the market with other insurers, the ANA insurer offers a wide range of additional coverages. In Misegurodeauto. mx you can obtain the necessary information about the coverages in order to choose the insurance that best suits your needs.

Ana Comprehensive Coverage

The wide coverage of Seguros ana offers you complete protection for your car for motorcycles, trucks and tourist cars. Among the main benefits of contracting the broad coverage ANA Seguros is the assistance of lawyers in any legal situation, adjusters who will provide you with specialized attention in your auto insurance, support to fix your vehicle in certified agencies, special discounts, protection against theft total unit and material damage.

ANA Limited Coverage

The ana insurer also offers you limited coverage, which covers the same as civil liability coverage, however, the protection of the total theft of your vehicle is added.

Civil Liability (CR)

Liability Coverage in Insurance
• Mandatory in most states.
• Covers damage to third parties, occupant medical expenses, legal advice, and roadside assistance.
• Does not cover material damage to the insured vehicle.
• Importance of compulsory insurance: up to 40 minimum wage fines if not insured.
• Ana insurance company offers protection against accidents.

In addition to the broad Limit and civil liability coverage. ANA Seguro’s also has some optional coverage for your car insurance:

  • Non-payment of deductible for total loss: The deductible is eliminated in case of loss of material damage to your car due to natural phenomena.
  • Liability for damage to occupants: In an accident. If any passenger in your vehicle suffers damage to their health, the extension of civil liability can cover hospitalization costs. Temporary disability caused.
  • Simulant’s Coverage: ANA Seguro’s covers the loss of your tires in case of damage and/or the rims.
  • Civil liability extension: This extension covers legal assistance and medical expenses in the event of an accident.
  • Medical assistance: Discounts in consultations and laboratories.
  • Substitute car: In the event that your vehicle does not work due to a crash or theft. We provide you with a car as support.
  • Agent repair: Covers the repair of your car in an agency for models from 2 to 10 years old when having the broad coverage.
  • Return of premium and deductible: In case of total loss due to material damage with collision due to total theft of the unit.

Ana Seguro’s One Of The Most Important Insurance Companies In Mexico

ANA Seguro’s is a prominent vehicle insurance business with over 20 years of expertise, giving 24/7 service from 43 locations around the country.

The Group Of Mexican Companies That Together Cover The Risks Of Cars, Life, Damages And Medical Expenses Are:

  • ANA Insurance Cars
  • Argos Life Insurance
  • Damages GMX Mexican Insurance Group
  • Previn insurance medical expenses
  • pet insurance and ANA Seguro’s work together to provide you with the best protection in car insurance. Providing you with the necessary information to choose the car insurance that suits your. Budget and that covers enough needs to have the peace of mind that you deserve.