Established in Istanbul, Turkey, Cosmedica Clinic provides superior hair transplantation, aesthetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, and dental care to its clientele. The facility has been a preferred option for patients travelling to Turkey from around the globe for more than a decade.

Turkey has become a major international destination for medical tourism in recent years, especially for hair transplants. International recognition has been bestowed upon Turkey’s famous hair transplant clinics and trained medical personnel as people look for cost-effective alternatives to manage hair loss. The cost-effectiveness of hair transplant behaviors in Turkey, ranging from $11,400 to $13,900 depending on the procedure, stands out as a major draw among the many elements contributing to Turkey’s success in this field.

By the time 2024 rolls around, it will be necessary to sort out the complexities of hair transplant Turkey’s cost. Knowing the pricing dynamics is crucial for those thinking about this life-changing treatment because numerous clinics provide different techniques and packages. Come along on a journey through the variables that affect hair transplant prices  Turkey as we examine the most recent advancements, innovations, and financial issues that impact the hair restoration industry in this popular medical destination.

The Average Cost Of Hair Transplantation

Is there anything more lovely and nourishing than gorgeous hair? Having healthy hair contributes to a pleasing appearance. One of the most crucial aspects of a person’s success and self-confidence is their appearance. One of the biggest challenges facing those who need or want to get a hair transplant is the cost of the procedure. The cost of a hair transplanting varies depending on the individual’s physical attributes. Different pricing policies and package prices between nations contribute to additional unpredictability. Therefore, providing statistics on the average cost of hair transplantation will not be very accurate. For instance, two crucial factors influencing hair transplant costs in the Netherlands are the quantity of grafts and the duration of the procedure.

The cost of a hair transplant procedure that takes one day to complete ranges from at least 2000 euros to 5200 euros. 1750 grafts is the most that can be transplanted in a single day at most. The cost of a hair transplant is approximately 8,000 euros if the procedures are continued into the second day.

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Turkey’s Hair Transplant Cost

Regarding successful hair transplants and reasonably priced hair transplants, Turkey is among the top nations in the globe. This is evident from the excess of happy clients as well as from your investigation into hair transplant costs in Turkey. The all-inclusive package price is the primary factor contributing to Turkey’s extremely low hair transplant costs. Patients travelling from overseas can benefit greatly from the highly favourable hair transplant prices offered by Istanbul. The fact that Turkey is a top choice for hair transplant and medical tourism also helps to explain why hair transplant costs are so low there.

Just Why Pick Cosmedica Clinic?

Cosmedica, established in 2011 by Dr. Levent Acar, provides hair transplants to numerous patients worldwide. Prior to starting the clinic, Dr. Acar received his medical degree from Istanbul’s University Capa Medical Faculty and has over 16 years of experience in the field of hair transplantation.

As the clinic’s chief surgeon, Dr. Acar will supervise every hair transplant procedure carried out there. Speaking Turkish, German, and English with ease, he will personally conduct any consultation calls and present you a detailed strategy for your procedure, including hairline design.

Additionally, Cosmedica has received numerous honours, such as the WhatClinic Award.

Visit Cosmedica’s website to schedule your free consultation appointment and learn more about the company.

Hair transplants are an intrusive procedure that carries risks, like any cosmetic surgery, and should not be done on anyone less than 18 years old. Prior to proceeding with any operation, carefully evaluate your options and get independent medical counsel.

Maximum Amount Of Grafting Done At Cosmedica

The maximum amount of grafts differs from person to person based on factors such as skin structure, hair density, and donor area width.

Our doctors review photos that are given to them for evaluation on an electronic consultation basis. This enables us to provide you with only an anticipated total number of implanted grafts. The number of grafts determined in this way may vary by up to 10%.

As Cosmedica, we do not provide a cost per graft estimate for patients travelling from overseas. We provide a single, all-inclusive pricing for the maximal graft process (the greatest number of grafts that can be gathered).

Put another way, the cost you will incur is predetermined and definitive, regardless of the quantity of grafts. After then, nothing changes.

We provide the most cutting-edge, premium hair transplantation services at the most competitive price to visitors who apply to the JCI-accredited Cosmedica Hospital with Dr. Acar and his staff.

Cosmedica Clinic Offers

Whole World Patients

Transfers, three or four nights at Delta Hotels Marriott include breakfast; interpreter available in English and other languages;

No payments in advance; payments are made exclusively at the clinic.

Treatments and procedures

Hair transplantation

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Natural Hairline Design

Cosmedica’s Dhi Sapphire Technology Hair Transplant:

A state-of-the-art, cutting-edge hair transplant technique is the DHI Sapphire technology.

This technique guarantees less trauma to the tissue, less disruption of blood flow, quicker healing, and shields the grafts from cracks.

The revolutionary method ensures natural and high density hair transplant outcomes by combining the benefits of the DHI Implanter Pen and the Sapphire Blade.  5000 grafts hair transplant cost

Is There A Graft Fee For Hair Transplants?

It is difficult to calculate the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey accurately, and specialists should do this kind of work. Although internet averages offer broad estimates, actual costs are determined by numerous unique patient characteristics that can only be evaluated in-person. Those thinking about the surgery should put more emphasis on selecting an expert surgeon who creates personalised treatment programmes after assessing each patient’s unique level and pattern of hair loss, as opposed to staring at graphs.

Only transplant specialists, not patients, should determine the ideal levels of hair density and the amount of grafts. Accurate quotes cannot be obtained through easy calculations.

Each person requires a different amount of follicles depending on their level of treated baldness, their desired level of aesthetics, and their donor capability.

Too few grafts are used to close bald patches, which results in an unnatural appearance that requires corrections. Results are also harmed by overharvesting.

Averages that are advertised, such as “£X for 500 grafts” or “£Y for 1000 grafts,” are not always applicable or legally enforceable. Costs are unique.

The most trustworthy estimate comes from a face-to-face consultation with a specialist who evaluates hair loss patterns and density objectives to provide individualised advice.

Although approximate values aid in establishing expectations, the precise cost of grafting is contingent upon numerous unique elements, making broad strokes oversimplifying an extremely customisable, case-by-case process.

How Many Grafts Do I Need ?

Cosmedica clinic , The most crucial part of any hair transplant process is estimating the number of hair transplants required. Your surgeon will thoroughly assess your hair loss during the consultation and determine the appropriate number of grafts needed for the course of treatment. The severity of your illness will control how many grafts you require. In milder cases, frontal hair loss may only require 2,500 grafts; in more severe cases, 3,000 grafts or more may be necessary.

The condition of the hair may also affect how many grafts are required. Your hair will be taken out in grafts by your surgeon. Depending on how thick and strong the recipient’s hair is, each transplant can contain anywhere from one to four hair strands. Therefore, 2000 grafts might be plenty for a surgery on someone with healthy hair, whereas 2500 grafts might be taken out for someone with less-than-healthy hair.

For An Entire Head Of Hair, How Many Grafts Are Required?

According to cosmedica clinic , You will require a hair transplant procedure to implant hair throughout your entire head if you are completely bald. You will require four to six thousand grafts for a full head transplant. Keep in mind that hair quality varies, therefore 4,000 grafts should be plenty if the hair in your donor location is of a high quality. However, your surgeon might remove 5,000 or 6,000 grafts for the procedure if the hair in your donor area is of poor quality.

Nevertheless, the precise quantity of grafts removed will vary according on some other variables, even with this approximation. For example, in order to prevent damage and baldness at the donor site, your surgeon must carefully remove only the appropriate amount of hair. It is therefore preferable to let your surgeon handle the maths.

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