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Education Write For Us: Every December at The 74, we take a time to reflect on the year’s top education stories and highlight those that received the most attention. Our time capsules from December 2020 and December 2021 let us to look back and see how the pandemic affected American kids, families, and school communities throughout time.

Two years ago, we were only beginning to comprehend the full financial toll that nationwide emergency closures of classrooms had on kids’ incomplete education.

A growing sense of urgency to get kids caught up collided with administrative and logistical hurdles in finding out how to quickly transform federal relief funding into effective, scalable student help last year, as we looked back in the shadow of Omicron.

This year’s list, published in the midst of renewed calls for mask regulations and yet another uptick in hospital admissions, succinctly captures our bizarre new normal: growing worries about historic test score declines; deepening political divisions that would test school systems even if there weren’t concurrent health, staffing, and learning crises to manage; wider economic stresses that make managing school systems more difficult; and a persistent push by many educators and family members.

Our Best Education

In light of the numerous stresses and demands that today’s youth are subjected to, our top read articles on education in 2022 address ways to foster a sense of community among pupils as well as character traits like humility and curiosity.

Additionally, they reflect on the hopes for transformational change in education and provide support for the health of educators and school administrators.

Visit our Greater Good in Education website, which offers free research-based practises, lessons, and strategies for fostering kinder, happier, and more equitable classrooms and schools, if you’re looking for specific activities to support your students’ and colleagues’ social and emotional wellbeing in 2023.

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