Bone Pain Sometimes the pain is difficult to explain, and we can only say that “everything hurts” without much more explanation. Now, it may be so, and we suffer from generalized bone pain. In Pain Medicine, as experts in treating chronic pain, we explain what to do if you have widespread bone pain.

What To Do If You Have Generalized Bone Pain

What Can Be Its Origin?

The main point  is to go to a specialist. He will be the one to diagnose him. It identifies as a deep, piercing, dull ache. It is temporary and can appear only with specific movements in some cases.

Bone infections or rheumatic diseases usually cause generalized bone pain. Knowing the cause will be essential for its treatment. In the case of conditions, antibiotic medication will be the fundamental treatment. While in rheumatic diseases that affect the joints, the pain becomes chronic.

This type of pain may be accompanied by a feeling of heaviness, stiffness, swelling, or prickling. Thus, it reduces the patient’s daily activities, affecting her quality of life. In some cases, it even causes problems falling asleep. A solution goes through a correct diagnosis and the pain treatment that best suits your topic. Several general measures can improve chronic pain.

Recommendations For A Patient With Generalized Bone Pain

Develop Your Diet

If you suffer from bone pain, you should increase your calcium intake and vitamins A, C and D. This can be through supplements or diet. For this, there are whole foods. This is the case of citrus fruits, carrots, celery or dried fruits such as almonds or walnuts. Fish and dairy products are also recommended. Thus, it is vital to increase the consumption of fresh or steamed vegetables and avoid sugar and refined flour. The latter demineralize the body and rob the bones of calcium. For example, osteoarthritis may be due to a nutrient deficiency.

Watch Your Weight

Obesity or being overweight is a great enemy of bone pain. The extra kilos increase the pressure on joints such as the knees and increase the risk of injury. For example, a pathology related in many cases to excess weight is bursitis. It is an injury due to inflammation produced in the common area that causes great pain.

Control Constipation

The efforts produced by constipation can also increase this type of pain. If you are prone to this problem, adopt eating habits to combat it. Recommend eating foods rich in fiber, drinking at least two liters of water, or avoiding processed food.

Avoid The Most Painful Movements

Know your body, what harms you the most and avoid doing it. Although generalized bone pain affects the entire body, there are postures and movements that can cause more damage. This does not mean that you cannot do any physical activity. Moreover, some exercises help strengthen the muscles and prevent diseases such as osteoarthritis from worsening.

Sleep At Least 8 Hours A Day

Rest is essential. Patients with widespread bone pain should pay special attention to their rest routine. For example, relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation help deepen rest. Establish breaks throughout the day, sleep at least 8 hours a day and ensure quality sleep.

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