Best Wi-Fi6E Mesh Routers

The range of Wi-Fi6E mesh routers will expand in 2022 to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the new wireless standard. Such as the bandwidth of almost 10 Gbps, the support for more simultaneous data flows, and higher speeds. The improvement of latency and the handling of connected devices whose number is constantly increasing.

Differences Between Wi-Fi6 And Wi-Fi6E

Wifi six and wifi 6E are pretty different despite the comparisons and shared features. The extra “E” here stands for “extended.” Wifi 6E means that wifi 6 extends to the 6 GHz band. The additional band brings more benefits.

Extra Spectrum

The calculation of the 6 GHz band means more spectrum. Compared to other wifi standards, wifi 6E is the only one that operates on three bars: 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz. The additional spectrum will significantly reduce network overlap and improve network knowledge, especially in full environments.

Channels with Higher Bandwidth

The full range of the 6 GHz band is 1200 MHz, which is the broadest frequency range among the three bands (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz). A wider band means more high bandwidth channels are available. For example, the 6 GHz features up to fourteen 80 MHz channels or seven 160 MHz channels. The high performance provides a solid foundation for bandwidth-intensive activities such as VR gaming and HD video conferencing.

No Legacy Competitor Devices

The legacy device is another buzzword when talking about wifi 6E. Unlike wifi 6, which works on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, wifi 6E and wifi 6E enabled devices can exclusively use the entire 6 GHz band. By using wifi 6E, there is no need to compete with legacy devices and reduce data transmission speed.

To take benefit of the best features of wifi 6, you’ll need to upgrade to a new router. Here are some of the best wifi six and wifi 6E routers at the top of your shopping list.

TP-Link Archer AXE11000 Omni Tri-Band Wi-Fi6E Mesh Router

The Archer AXE11000 Omni Tri-Band wifi 6E Router was named an Honoree § of the CES 2022 Innovation Awards for its innovation, engineering, functionality, and aesthetics. With blazing-fast 11Gbps and Multi-Gigabit wifi ports, the wifi 6E Router offers robust, high-speed connections for wired and wireless devices.

TP-Link Unveils Powerful New Wi-Fi6E Mesh

Integrating TP-Link AI-Driven Mesh technology, Deco XE75 and Deco XE200 are here for a whole home wifi 6E Mesh system thanks to the newly opened 6GHz band. So upgrade your entire home wifi to 6E and experience more bandwidth, faster speeds, and lower latency.

While wifi 6E-enabled devices are still under research and development, many wifi six devices are already at your service, ready to significantly improve your wifi experience. Check out our latest tech gadgets empowered by wifi 6, and explore the new wifi era.

Best Entry-Level Wi-Fi6E Mesh Router: Archer AX23

Archer AX23 provides super-fast dual-band wireless connections with up to 1.8 Gbps speeds. Perfect for 4K streaming and short download times. In addition, thanks to advancements in inefficiency, the Archer AX23 delivers raw power, outperforming all other AX1800 routers TP-Link has tested, all at a lower price. In the lab, the Archer AX23 outperforms its direct competitors from six leading brands in speed and coverage performance while being more energy-efficient.

Best Wi-Fi6E Router for Mobile: Archer AX55

With a bandwidth of 160 MHz and 1024-QAM, Archer AX55 offers accurate gigabit speeds of up to 3 Gbps. Dramatically improved rates allow streaming, fast downloading, and gaming all at the same time. In addition, 5 GHz with 160 MHz channel support doubles the bandwidth, enabling lag-free 8K video. 4 high-performance external antennas boost wifi signals throughout your home.

Best Overall Wi-Fi6E Router: Archer AX73

Equipped with superior 4T4R and HE160 frame in the 5GHz band, Archer AX73 allows users to enjoy ultra-fast 5.4Gbps wifi and stream multiple 8K videos without buffering. Furthermore, the HomeShield service kit includes antivirus, parental controls, QoS, and a home network scanner. The Archer AX73 provides expert-level care to manage your network.

Best Wi-Fi6 Router for Gaming: Archer AX11000

Engineered for victory, the CES Innovation Award-winning AX11000 Tri-Band Gaming Router takes wifi speed to an extreme level—over 10Gbps. It is destroying network latency and interference. More than that, Archer AX11000 serves as a game accelerator to optimize game streams. A game guard with the HomeCare security system and a game network analyzer with its finely tuned user interface.

Xiaomi AX3600 Wi-Fi6E Mesh Router

Xiaomi’s catalog is not only nourished by mobile phones, televisions, or smart devices. We also find this wifi six router model that, together with the TP-Link Archer AX50 device, is the cheapest option in the article. How was the experience? Residential environments will see their needs met with a product that promises a stable signal without cuts. Comprehensive coverage to access from anywhere and high browsing speeds. And regarding its configuration, you will need to download the Xiaomi Mi wifi application. Like the rest of the mentioned applications that we have seen, its intuitive configuration assistant simplifies this process a lot.

Its construction is solid, and its dimensions are large: 410 x 177 x 134 millimeters. It would explain, for example, why it offers a more significant number of antennas. It has seven antennas, one of which is remarkable in the center and backlit in blue. Xiaomi refers to it by the name ‘AIoT smart antenna,’ and it is designes so that the Chinese firm’s intelligent devices connect to it. But, unfortunately, it only has two LED lights: one tells you if the router has Internet and the other if the device is on or off.

Router Wi-Fi6 Amazon eero Pro 6

At first look, it is not easy to identify that it is a router since its image is far from that of traditional models. Instead, it shows a minimalist design available in white that fits perfectly in all kinds of spaces and is compact thanks to dimensions of 142 x 138 x 48 millimeters.

It presents as a tri-band wireless mesh system thanks to its characteristics. It makes it easy for users to create a comprehensive wireless network in their homes, covering an area of ​​up to 190 meters. Note that up to 75 devices can connect simultaneously. It allows you to control intelligent home equipment compatible with Alexa connected to the home network. For example,  control the lights with your voice. You have to install the free eero app and follow the wizard that appears on the screen to set it up.


The improvements that wifi six technology has brought us are remarkable, especially speed. But unfortunately, the ability to penetrate walls has not improved enough for a single router to reach every corner of your house.

Wifi 6 will expand your connection quality and remove dead zones, but your router will keep its unique technical range. Mesh routers are possibly your best option if you need a more extensive technical range. The significant benefits of wifi 6, also designated by wifi 802.11ax, include better quantity speeds, reduced latency, and connecting more devices to the same access point.

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