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Urinal Cake Write for Us

Urinal Cake Write for Us

Urinal cakes are air freshening products placed in urinals to help control odors and improve bathroom hygiene.
They are disk-shaped cakes that sit in the bottom of a urinal under a screen. Urinal cakes slowly release fragrance and sanitizing chemicals each time the urinal is used.

Active ingredients:

Fragrance – Provides odor masking typically floral, citrus, or pine scents.
Disinfectant – Kills bacteria, Common disinfectants include paradichlorobenzene or quaternary ammonium.
Dye – Colors the water for visual appeal.


  • Neutralize unpleasant bathroom odors.
  • Sanitize and clean the flushing mechanism.
  • Provide a pleasant ambiance.

Urinal cakes need to be replaced regularly as the fragrance fades over time. Industrial-strength cakes are available for heavy use in public restrooms.

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