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Stock Market Write For Us: The price of a share of stock is equal to the sum of the expected dividends or other cash payments to the shareholders, discounted by the interest rate and risks associated, and is calculated similarly to the price of any other financial asset.

Dividends, paid from earnings and other distributions obtained from the sale or liquidation of assets, account for the majority of cash payments made to stockholders.

A shareholder’s access to cash payments is unclear and dependent on the company’s earnings. Unlike cash payments to bondholders, the value of which is defined by contractual obligation and is made on time unless the company experiences extreme financial difficulty, such as bankruptcy, this uncertainty is starkly contrasted with cash payments. The price of stocks typically varies more than the price of bonds.

Stock Indexes

Stock indices track the overall movement of many stocks. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, which has been in existence continuously since 1897 and currently includes thirty major corporations, is the most well-known stock index in the world.

The S&P (Standard and Poor’s) 500 Stock Index was established in 1957 and consisted of 500 stocks. It is a value-weighted price index. About 80% of the value of all U.S. equities is represented in this index regarded as the standard for large stocks traded.

The Nasdaq index represents NASDAQ market equities (see above). Large technological stocks (like Microsoft and Intel) that trade on the NASDAQ market significantly impact this index, which is also value-weighted.

Returns on Stocks

Dividends and capital gains account for half of the overall return from stock ownership. Assuming that all dividends are reinvested by purchasing more shares of the stock, a total return index for stocks may be calculated.

A total return index would resemble the growth of a pension plan that reinvested every dividend and capital gain back into the market or a mutual fund that reinvested every distribution back into the mutual fund.

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