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John Reed Fitness: It took me a moment to realize how surprisingly lively things were on a Tuesday afternoon at John Reed, given that the grand opening of the Dallas fitness club was still days away.

I was too distracted by the spectacle – the Tulum-inspired interiors, the towering cyborgs of Adam and Eve, and the mood-setting light displays. There’s a lot to take in beyond gym equipment. It’s an atmosphere.

John Reed’s team attributes the gym’s early buzz to a video posted to Instagram last week offering a glimpse of the 30,000-square-foot space.

“It was like wildfire after that,” an employee explained as we descended into the main fitness club area (club being the key word).

John Reed Fitness Opens First Location in North America

For $100 a month membership fee, the 33,000-square-foot club, located in the South Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, offers cardio, free weights, functional and machine strength training and boutique-style classes such as cycling, HIIT, Pilates, barre, dance and yoga.

Members also enjoy unlimited access to the amenities of the Snooze Room and Sauna for post-workout relaxation, locker rooms as well as coves as retreats for social interaction. Open to the public, John Reed’s Juice Bar offers handcrafted smoothies, cold-pressed juices and healthy snacks to go.

A lush, immersive aesthetic is the signature of the Berlin-based brand, which has opened swanky gyms in Paris, Prague, London and Budapest since its launch in 2016. John Reed’s international takeover hit American soil with the opening in 2021 of downtown Los Angeles. location.

John Reed Dallas, occupying the former Gold’s Gym at Preston Center, is the brand’s second US location, which will celebrate its official grand opening on Saturday, February 26, with free mimosas and Poizon Ivy at the DJ booth.

RSG Group Opens Second John Reed Fitness in U.S.

“I’m so excited for the people of Dallas to experience John Reed,” John Reed Dallas club manager Alex Knies said in the announcement.

“From the moment our members walk in, they are supported by our exceptional team and have access to a variety of training opportunities. This is just the beginning.

Our goal is to create memorable experiences with great music , impressive lineup and fascinating interiors, all the ingredients that truly make John Reed an unrivaled fitness environment and something not seen anywhere else.

The club offers gym80 equipment as well as free weights, a functional training area, machine weight training, cardio, unlimited group classes and cycling. Group exercise classes include John Reed’s signature class, Boost Club, which is a HIIT-style class with DJs, who sit in a cabin built into a mirrored classroom.

Who is the owner of John Reed fitness?

The German company RSG Group, which bought Gold’s Gym in July 2020, opened a John Reed Fitness center in Los Angeles, its first club in North America. RSG Group has 15 other brands in addition to John Reed and Gold’s Gym, including McFIT, Cyberobics and High5.

JOHN REED Fitness Club Location In Downtown Los Angeles

Fusing functional design with a club atmosphere, JOHN REED goes beyond the typical gym experience. Each of the 31 locations around the world has its own style and personality, reflecting the culturally rich neighborhoods in which they are located.

The new Los Angeles club takes you from the concrete jungle of downtown on a safari-themed journey with inspiring and surprising design elements. in all space. Art highlights include original pieces by internationally acclaimed Los Angeles artist Robert Vargas, Berlin street art duo Ron Miller, and Los Angeles-based abstract artist Jaime Guerrero.

Combining hi-fi and fitness, the body-rock club hosts live DJs, local and international, five sets a week. For even more fun, JOHN REED’s signature DJ-led workout, Boost Club, is a group class experience led by a live DJ and trainer.

The workout combines the best of strength, agility, endurance and core training and sets them to the beat and beats of music to move and motivate.

About John Reed:

LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR BORING GYMS. Part of the RSG Group, with locations from Istanbul and Budapest to Paris and Prague, and now in Los Angeles, JOHN REED has been harnessing the power of sound and design to inspire and move people around the world since 2016.

Not just an ordinary gym, JOHN REED is an immersive international fitness club that features unexpected design elements, music programming with live DJs, and high-end equipment waiting around every corner.

Step into one of 31 JOHN REED locations worldwide and be prepared to be inspired by eclectic interior design influenced by local artists, cultures and the city’s urban metropolis.

Members have access to studio workouts, boutique-style cycling, free weights, cardio, barre, Pilates, yoga, and a variety of equipment.

About Rsg Group:

With more than 6.4 million customers across gyms and studios as well as digital services, RSG Group is the global leader in fitness and lifestyle.

RSG Group’s forward-looking portfolio includes 17 strong and innovative brands, including Gold’s Gym, McFIT, The JOHN REED Family (JOHN REED Fitness Music Club, JOHN REED Women’s Club, JOHN & JANE’S, THE REED), High5, CYBEROBICS , Qi², McFIT MODELS and PEARL Management.

Additionally, international management agency TIGERPOOL leads selected designers and artists to success, from fashion brand MARCELL VON BERLIN to street art collective RON MILLER and bandleader Gerd Schaller.

RSG Group’s ideas constantly set new benchmarks and drive momentum far beyond the realms of fitness, lifestyle and design, as it strives to constantly develop new areas of business.

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