How to Apply Sunscreen When you Have your Makeup on

Apply Sunscreen With short spring approaching, we explain again why life without sunscreen is harmful. Bottom line: Put on your sunscreen before you greet the sun. As pretty and shiny as it looks, it contains vitamin D’s heavenly element, but UV rays can be brutally harsh on the skin. It’s an essential final step in your skincare routine, but there’s more to wearing sunscreen forever, e.g. B. before you start putting on makeup.

As a makeup addict, it’s great to stack multiple products to create your vanity, but always keep a light sunscreen handy. Not all foundations have sufficient SPF, a sun protection factor that can protect your skin well. So make sunscreen a priority, apply it comfortably to your skin, and wait 2 minutes for the formula to stick to your skin. Check out some steps lower on properly working with sunscreen and makeup.

How Often Do We Have To Retouch The Photoprotection When We Are Already Wearing Makeup?

As the doctor tells me, the idea is to do it every two hours, especially if we will expose to the sun. “We must not forget that, for example, when we are inside the car, it is also necessary to do sun protection touch-ups, since, with few exceptions, UVA (ultraviolet A) rays are capable of passing through the side windows of the vehicle”.

The Importance Of Applying The Right Amount

This rule is valid, whether you are wearing makeup and not going to expose yourself to the sun directly as if you are going to be on the beach or in the pool. For a photoprotector to be effective and protect what is indicated on its packaging, it must apply sufficiently. “It is common that we tend to use a small number of sunscreens and, in this way, we will not be obtaining the protection index indicated on the product’s packaging. Therefore, be generous when applying it. Let’s not forget that, as As stated by the expert from the Pedro Jaen Dermatology Group, “the use of sunscreen daily is associated with the presence of less photoaging (spots and wrinkles) and a lower risk of developing skin cancer”.

A Well-Moisturized Foundation is Critical:

Nothing beats supple skin. Be sure to apply a gentle moisturizer with broad-spectrum protection to your face and neck before opting for primer, concealer or any other makeup product. This step can not only prevent dry skin but also ensure that your skin will be protected as you will be exposing it to a lot of products.

Start with your Makeup:

Take a foundation and apply it if necessary. This step works well on skin with large pores. After application, use a foundation suitable for your skin type. Choose a beauty blender to create an even base after laying your foundation. Your choice will be the

Complete your look:

apply the waterproof products of your choice. From eyeliner to mascara to lipstick, seal your face. Feel able to skip this step if you want to create a relatively simple look.

Seal the Deal:

use a setting spray with SPF. This step ensures that your makeup is done and adds a refreshing touch to your look.

Reapply Sunscreen

It’s not enough sunscreen when your makeup melts quickly, and of course, your sunscreen wears off too. That’s why this step is therefore essential; we call it the rescue step. A sunscreen in powder form that you rub in after a few hours or repeat the fixing spray process can also be good for your skin.

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