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Wiseup2 Wsu.Ac.Za Login: At the annual Vice-Excellence Chancellor’s Awards, three of WSU’s top academicians in the fields of research, teaching and learning, as well as community engagement, received generous rewards from the vice chancellor’s office.

The Vice-Excellence Chancellor’s Award is a yearly honour given to a member of staff by the Vice-Chancellor to recognise extraordinary and documented accomplishments in cutting-edge ways that show impact on the community, students, and university.

Professor Adebola Oyedeji received the top two awards in the category of research & community engagement for her work in the field of organic chemistry-natural product chemistry. Her research focuses on the economic and medical value chain of terpenoid studies from medicinal plants.

WSU Student Portal Login:

We are glad to welcome you to the Walter Sisulu University, WSU student portal login at It also includes the official website, advantages of utilising the student portal, instructions on how to log in, and information on how to reset or recover a forgotten password for the student portal.

Upon returning to class, all students—returning or new—must choose courses, familiarise themselves with the Walter Sisulu University campus, and learn where classes are held, common gathering places, housing options, the library, bookstore, department offices, and other important locations.

The WSU student portal also provides an engaging student experience with a single point of access and hub to all applications

The login page where students enter a username and password to access the programmes of an educational institution, as well as other learning-related resources and information, is known as a student portal.

For instance, a student who has registered in an online certification programme can access online course materials, such as articles, lectures, and videos, held on the school’s servers, using a student portal. The school, special events, course information, calendars, academic resources, and contact information can all be found on student portals.

In order to give students quick access to personal information, such as tracking bursary awards and campus medical insurance, the Walter Sisulu University, WSU student portal, also known as the WSU ITS enabler, can integrate with other systems. In essence, this article provides information on the official student portal and website of Walter Sisulu University, or WSU.

How To Access/Login To The Wsu Student Portal

How to recover your wsu student portal forgotten password?

Enter your username or email address to reset your password. If your information is located in the database, you will receive an email with instructions on how to regain access.

Wsu Nsfas Online Portal

A website portal created by Walter Sisulu University and Intellimali allows NSFAS-funded students to quickly access financial details and significant general notices.

You can access the portal at and it goes by the name WYZEUP.

Students with NSFAS funding will get an email from WyzeUp this week including their account and password. You will then be able to access the LOGIN area.

Students will also be able to view promotions from shops once they return to campus using the portal, which are known as WyzeBuys.

Walter Sisulu University

You can find all the information you require regarding Walter Sisulu University’s WSU Student Portal Login at in this page, including instructions on how to log in, reset your password, and, if you are a prospective student, check the status of your application. The official university webpage is also featured.

A unified technology and scientific university named Walter Sisulu University was established in 2005. The public comprehensive university’s main locations are at its four campuses in Mthatha, East London, Butterworth, and Komani. Additionally, the university has a student portal that is intended to improve and simplify things for the students.

Benefits of WSU Student Portal Login:

There are many advantages to using the Walter Sisulu University. WSU Student Portal Login at because it integrates with other systems to make it simple for students to access their personal information.

The main functions of the Walter Sisulu University student portal are: checking the status of admission and printing the admission letter; paying the acceptance fee; paying fees; registering for classes; deferring admission when necessary; checking and updating semester results; viewing transcripts; checking for updates on the academic calendar for each semester; and applying for extra credit hours.

WSU Student Portal Login: students. is only accessible to a select group of individuals because it is not available to the general public. Prospective students, first-year students, and continuing/returning students at Walter Sisulu University are among the users of the student portal.

How do I check my application status at Walter Sisulu university?

  • Login to the Walter Sisulu university home website
  • Log in to your student portal using your ID number and password
  • Click submit and wait for the result.

Below the official student portal login and official addresses for the Walter Sisulu university

  • Walter Sisulu University official login address;
  • WSU Student Portal Login address:


  • Washington State University, WSU Student Portal Login:
  • Cornell University Student Portal Login:
  • New York University, NYU Student Portal Login:
  • Georgetown University, GU Student Portal Login:
  • Columbia University, Columbia Student Portal Login:

Purpose Of WSU Student Portal

Institutions would benefit from boarding the technological train because we currently live in a technologically advanced environment. The practise of lecturers handing out educational materials to their pupils is no longer practised.

However, now, with the aid of a student portal, a platform created to help instructors and students in their day-to-day educational activities. The WSU student portal’s goal is to support students with their course registration, fee payments, academic results checks. And other associated tasks to make their time at Walter Sisulu University successful.

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