Pressure Ulcers, sores, or bedsores damage the skin and surrounding tissue caused by long-term pressure on that area. They usually appear in areas where the bone is closest to the skin, such as the hips, knees, elbows or ankles.

To Treat Them, A Series of Recommendations Must Follow:

Medical evaluation: The first thing we must do with an injury of this type is to go to the doctor to assess the severity of the ulcer. The evolution of these wounds is strongly influenced by the general state of health of the person. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a complete assessment before starting the treatment.

Monitor Diet:

To achieve good healing and reduce the risk of infection, it is necessary to ensure that the person has a good nutritional status. Bedsores involve high energy expenditure, so the body will need a more excellent supply of vitamins, in addition to making sure to stay well hydrated, especially during the hottest months.


Perform cures: The type of care will depend on the stage of the injury and whether there is an infection. Always follow the recommendations of your doctor or healthcare professional regarding procedures and products. Although it is convenient to maintain the same type of dressing for at least two weeks to find out if it is effective, it is essential to review it weekly to assess if it is helping the ulcer progress well.

Do Not Stop Preventing Other Ulcers:

preventive treatments should not neglect even if the injury exists. It will aid in healing and prevent new lesions from appearing.

Do not hesitate to go to the doctor if you have any questions about treatment or notice any complications in the evolution injury. The skin is the body’s natural barrier against external agents, so maintaining its good condition is essential for good general health

A scar is an inflammatory lesion of the skin due to rubbing or disablement involving a localized necrosis of the skin. Lemur treatment difficile mays possible et necessity la mobilization regular et frequented duplation. La prevention des scares (decubitus) doit ere systematic .

Pressure Ulcers Symptoms

It all starts with redness, which gradually becomes more marked then darkens, to become black. Subsequently, the disappearance of the necrotic skin gives way to an ulcer leaving the underlying tissues uncovered: muscles. Tendons, sometimes down to the bone. The most fragile support points are the gluteal region, the heels in a patient lying on his back.

Elderly subjects forced into prolonged bed rest are particularly exposed. Among other things, because they have more fragile and thinner skin. Their treatment is difficult but possible and requires the regular and frequent mobilization of the patient. Pressure sores are very susceptible to infection and take a long time to heal.

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