The Orange Has A History As Colourful And Exotic As Itself.

The Orange It is a traveling fruit. No pioneer, explorer, or emperor could resist cultivating him at any of his destinations on his world travels. As Manuel Ascender tells in this interesting article, ” the orange is a book on the history of humanity. It has come into his hands thanks to a multitude of conquests and reconquests and a scientific battle over the centuries”.

This Fruit Is From The Citrus Family,

Son of a tangerine tree and mother of the grapefruit. Originally from Southeast Asia, oranges are grown in warm climates such as Greece, Italy, Maroc and, of course, Spain, the leading producer for the European market. Here the season begins approximately in November and ends between May and June.

Due To Its Long Season And Flavor

Orange is one of the greatest popular fruits since it has a high content of vitamin C, 100 grams of orange contains 90% of the daily needs of this vitamin. It also contains flavonoids (by an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antitumor effects) and limonoids (anticancer).

It is recommended to eat them entirely to take advantage of all their properties (especially for people with high sugar levels).

As You May Have Heard On Many Occasions

And I already told you in the previous fruit post that consuming 2 or 3 servings of fruit daily is essential to take care of your health and ensure a good quality of life. Together with regular exercise, a balanced diet is a basis for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Eating Oranges Have Many Extra Benefits For Your Health

  1. Due to its low glycemic index, the orange is one of the fruits recommended to prevent diabetes.
  2. Its high vitamin C content stimulates white blood cells’ production and helps support the immune structure.
  3. Contains antioxidants that keep healthy skin and reduce the signs of ageing.
  4. An orange contains only 65 calories, making it a highly recommended fruit in diets to lose weight.
  5. Due to its high fiber content, it prolongs the feeling of satiety.
  6. They are rich in calcium, which protects the bones and teeth, keeping them healthy.
  7. Its consumption helps reduce fat absorption and lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
  8. It has anti-inflammatory properties, beneficial for people with arthritis.
  9. Its consumption is beneficial to prevent cancer and the cardiovascular system’s proper functioning.
  10. It makes you smile. And you will wonder why. If you use them in your kitchen, they will give a lot of grace to your dishes.

I took a little out of my sleeve on the tenth, but only a little. Because of its intensity and aroma, orange is a leading ingredient in many recipes. Its use brings freshness and flavour to your dishes. In addition to whole, you can enjoy them in jams and biscuits at your breakfast table, in fresh and aromatic salads or exotic stews and roasted meat or fish.

The First Fruits

Appear in November, being part of the autumn, all winter and spring. In May, the orange trees throw their last oranges, and in the summer month, they cannot be found, except for those in the greenhouses. They have an orange color, to which they owe their name, although some species are almost green when ripe. The sweet orange tree should not be confused with the bitter orange (Citrus aurantium), cultivated since ancient times as an ornamental tree and to obtain fragrances from its fruits. Its flavor varies from bitter to sweet.

The orange tree spread to Japan and throughout India from its place of origin, reaching the West, along the Silk Road. The Arabs made known to it to the south of Spain in the 10th century, although the sweet orange tree was unknown until 1450. From that moment on, it spread throughout Europe, reaching great popularity during the second half of the 15th century”, they say from the Spanish Federation of Nutrition.

Variety of possibilities to trial in the kitchen

Although it is one of the most sanitizing fruits, the orange is not only use to make juice or eat a dessert. With its pulp and removing the skin. However, they for sauces, ice creams and macarons decorated with chocolate and candied orange, among others.

Fight anti-ageing

Along with broccoli or blueberries, oranges are one of the most beneficial foods that fight against cellular ageing and also against skin ageing. The best? Is because this fruit provides vitamin C to our body. It prevents different diseases.

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