Stressed Skin – Impact on our Skin, Non-Comedogenic, and More

Stressed Skin creates hormonal imbalances and can produce a physical response in our body resulting in cortisol production, known by scientists as the “stress hormone.” In this situation, the body reacts by producing other hormones with different objectives and their excess creates an imbalance that directly affects the skin.

Stressed Skin cannot reduce, but it knows how to be controlled if we become aware of certain factors and lifestyle habits.

Here Some Tips to Minimize the Impact on Our Stressed Skin .

1- A 20-minute walk will not only help you digest better but also improve your circulation and relax you.

2- Learn to breathe correctly. Deep oxygenation allows the body to relax, reducing muscle tension.

3- Seek balance by practicing alternative disciplines. Activities such as yoga and tai chi work on the harmony of body and mind, reduce daily stress and help counter the adverse effects on our skin.

4- The sooner you can remove your makeup, the better. Do it when you get home at night. Apply a cleansing cream and a toner, which helps absorb better-specialized treatments for dark circles, wrinkles, blemishes, etc.

5- Once a week, exfoliate the skin of the face with gentle circular massages. It releases toxins and dead cells and allows better oxygenation.

6- Take advantage of the hours of sleep to regenerate the skin. Various specialized creams depend on the type of skin, age, and area, which will allow you to renew the dermis, provide it with nutrients, hydrate it, and lighten and reduce bags under the eyes.

7 – When applying the cream to the area, it is important to gently massage the eye contour with your fingertip, from the lower area of ​​the eye to the tear duct.

8- Eliminate stress before bed with immersion baths, aromatherapy, music and anything that helps you eliminate the day’s tensions. It will help you fall asleep and turn it into real rest.

9- Maintain a good diet. Especially at dinner, it is essential to know what and how much to eat. A light diet recommends vegetables, grilled fish, etc. Do not abuse salt and alcohol, as they predispose to water retention, leading to bags under the eyes.

10- I drank a lot of liquids during the day. According to the Water and Health Research Institute, between 20 and 30% of the daily water incorporated into the body comes from solid foods; the remaining 70-80% is incorporated into the body by direct water intake. It is essential not to forget to consume between 2 and 3 liters of water per day.

Use Non-Comedogenic Products Stressed Skin.

Non-comedogenic beauty products are intended not to clog pores, which can cause irritation and breakouts. It is vital for sunscreen, but it can have a more significant effect if you sunscreen frequently and are prone to acne, especially in the summer. Hot, humid weather causes sweat, which takes longer to evaporate from the skin. Combining it with greasy products isn’t exactly a party for your pores. Go the oil-free or non-comedogenic route to avoid blackheads.

Stay Hydrated With Good Clean/Organic Products

A faithful moisturizer can do your complexion a lot of good. Dry skin is unhappy and vulnerable skin, so apply a light moisturizer to protect against summer dehydrations like sunburn, salt, and chlorine. Your skin is a barrier that will protect you from conservation factors such as pollution, bacteria and moisture loss, and keeping it hydrated keeps that barrier in good condition.

Exfoliate At The Right Time, And Don’t Overdo It!

Inquiry. Not only does this help you maintain a fresh fake tan (as dead skin cells slough off, the previous tan will fade), but the gentle facial exfoliation helps keep your skin free of clogged pores and create a better-looking complexion for makeup- up. However, remember that exfoliation reveals new. Sensitive skin that may be more prone to sunburn. Save your exfoliation habits for the night (and not just before a special occasion) or for days when you don’t go straight from the shower to the pool.

Aloe Can Be Your New Best Friend In The Summer.

It is a well-known anti-inflammatory that also offers moisturizing relief. Applying aloe vera-containing products after sun exposure will soothe and soothe your skin, making you far less likely to experience that awful, flaky dryness that comes with summer. It’s also said to contain antioxidants, which can help repair damaged skin and prevent free radicals from doing their unwanted work. Keep an aloe plant in your garden or even in your kitchen and use it when needed!

Invest in moisturizers that work on damp skin when they absorb better. Don’t skip post-bath rehydration! Many brands are now making body washes which moisturizes through their. Oil-based ingredients, which we can apply before you are even clean.

Buy Quality Sunscreen.

Water attracts the sun (like snow) and creates a glare that can cause sunburn. Look beyond SPF and buy quality sunscreens with safe ingredients. Reapply every hour or so, and if you’re swimming in the water, reapply when you come out.

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