The Technological Gadgets For Smart Home Needs

Smart Home In recent years, the decoration of our houses has changed and has adopted a design that organically integrates the new home automation technology. Technological gadgets such  as voice assistants or light sensors or the different Smart Home appliances in your kitchen adopt a type of design, lines, shapes, and colors that homes tend to complement. This is the trend of new homes. But what kind of technological gadgets are changing the appearance of houses?

Smart Gadgets For Home Security Smart Home

Security in your home is one of the priorities of  home automation . That is why technology companies strive to design technological gadgets that provide more security in homes. Of course, without forgetting the design.

Smart Locks Smart Home

They are conventional locks, but with electronic elements that block the opening of the door employing a code that only the users must know. There are devices of this type that are added to the door without replacing the cloth or the knob. Easy to install, they allow you to remotely control access to your home and synchronize with virtual assistants.

Video Surveillance Cameras Smart Home

Installing different cameras in your house is easy. So you can control your pets or check if the elderly people who live with you are okay. These cameras are usually discreet and integrate well into the different rooms of the Smart Home.

Security Alarms And Sensors

Forget controlling an alarm center! In the market you have a wide variety of gadgets that work as alarms, easy to install, synchronized with your smartphone and that can be fixed in any corner of your house without being out of tune. From inexpensive sensors for doors and windows, to presence detectors with sound.

Living Room Gadgets

Being the living room one of the most used rooms in your house, you cannot miss those gadgets that will make your life more comfortable.

TV With Built-In Shelf

Televisions were one of the first household appliances to be smart. Since then it has rained a lot and the offer of Smart TV is immense. That is why we look at those televisions that also have a different presence. And in this sense there are flat televisions that are integrated with a shelf on which they are supported and with four thin legs. Its appearance is that of a blackboard. In addition, all your wiring is optimally contained within a removable panel in the color of the frame. Without a doubt, it is one of the  technological gadgets  where the design is most studied.

Smart Routers

Probably one of the ugliest and most annoying devices in the house is the router. This box from which a few cables come out is always difficult to locate. However, minimalist Wi-Fi routers have begun to become popular, without antennas and with a touch screen from which all the values are displayed (% of Internet signal, speed, number of connected devices…) and it can also be controlled, of course, from your smartphone (ideal to turn off the signal in case you want to limit the Internet to your children).

Smart Picture Frames

Being able to enjoy interactive frames, where a photo carousel is displayed, is very easy. For example, there are large frames (a 23” screen) that have a subscription to an art gallery with which you can have access to a wide variety of works to choose from. Without a doubt, the functional design of these frames is also a priority. That is why they are connected by a wireless charging disk attached to a cable that automatically lowers until it is placed in a small drawer connected to the current. A work of art in home automation and design!

Tech Gadgets For The Kitchen

Another of the rooms in your home that has become more technical in recent times is the kitchen. It’s tech gadget heaven !

Smart Fridge

A fridge that you tap on the door and it shows you what’s inside? It is ideal for quickly making the shopping list! And without having to open and close, with the consequent expense that this entails. Well, there are already a few models on the market. And they not only have these advantages! These refrigerators are connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Some of these include touch screens where you can make your shopping lists and link them to a calendar. They also control the temperature at all times, thus achieving lower energy consumption. But the functionality that surprises us the most is the possibility of notifying you when some food is going to expire.


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