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We needed to know a little bit about retinol, which people with skin problems know the name of but hesitate…Retinol, which works wonders in skincare with its anti-ageing effect and is a derivative of vitamin A, is in the group of retinoids that increase collagen production in the skin.

One of the first choices of dermatologists in the treatment of acne, it can sometimes lead to indecision about whether to use it or not, as it has a content that can cause sensitivity on the skin.

This miraculous substance, the star of acne treatment, can be a solution for almost every skin problem. Do you have very porous skin? Using retinol products, you can tighten your skin and shrink your pores. Do you have sunspots on your skin? Again, retinol will come to your rescue. This excellent substance, which helps to brighten and equalise the skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots, also acts as an antioxidant, allowing the skin to fight free radical damage that causes ageing. It delays ageing as it activates the skin to produce new cells.

The age and how to use retinol use safely because it has aggressive content and is an issue that requires attention. What is it? What are the benefits of retinoids? We have thoroughly researched all the questions you may have, such as using retinol.

How Do Products Containing Retinol Work?

When you apply a serum or cream containing retinol to your skin, skin enzymes convert this content into retinoic acid, supporting cell renewal. On the other hand, Retinoic acid reduces cellular ageing in the skin, and, over time, the appearance of the skin begins to improve. Since serums containing retinol increase collagen production and retinoic acid production. It can observe that the appearance of wrinkles on the skin decreases after 12 weeks of regular use.

At What Age Would One Start Using Retinol?

Rather than talking about a specific age range, it becomes more important for what reason you want to use it. Whether you will use it for non-age-related problems such as acne, blemishes, or colour inequalities or alleviate the signs of ageing on your skin, you can start using a product containing retinol in the proportions determined by your dermatologist.

What Should Consider When Using Retinol?

How your skin will react to retinol, it would be good to start by choosing a formula with low retinol in the range of 0.1-0.3% and applying it twice a week. Then, if your skin does not react, you can gradually increase the amount of retinol you use and the frequency.

Since it is a substance that increases the skin’s sensitivity to the sun, UV rays will reduce the effectiveness of retinol. For this reason, you must apply retinol in night care and use a protector with a high SPF on your skin during the day. In the summer, we recommend that you avoid using retinol.

How to Apply?


As with all skincare products, it will be more effective when applied to clean skin first, clean and dry your skin. Then, apply a pea-sized product to your finger, evenly distributing it all over your face. If your product containing retinol is in serum form, use it before your night cream; if it is in cream form, use it after your night serum. Don’t forget to put on it your neck and décolleté. You can use it with antioxidant-containing products to increase the anti-ageing effect of retinol.

How Long Should I Use?

It starts to show its effect after about four weeks. In acne treatment, full recovery occurs after 2-3 months. Around the same time, signs of ageing and pigmentation problems diminish. If you have apparent issues such as lines, wrinkles, and dark spots, you should use them for a little longer. However, studies show that the cell renewal effect of retinol decreases after three months. For this reason, it recommends using it regularly for another three months after three months of regular use, after a 3-month break.

Does It have Side Effects?

Especially in dry skin, it can cause more dryness, sensitivity, and tension with slight peeling. It is also possible that these effects, frequently seen in the first weeks when the skin tries to adapt to retinol, decrease over time. However, if your skin shows severe reactions such as intense irritation, flaking, redness, and prolonged burning sensation. Stop using retinol and apply a moisturiser that repairs the skin barrier without perfume. It is also away for a few weeks.

You can use gentle cleansers while washing your face to help your skin use retinol. When using retinol, add soothing ingredients such as ceramide and hyaluronic acid to your care routine. What repairs the skin barrier and keeps the skin moist for a long time; you can get through the habituation process without any problems.

Depending on whether you have used it before and your skin type, you can choose products in cream or gel form for dry skin, lotion for normal and combination skin, and serum or gel for oily skin. If you use such products, you should pause them while using it. Benzoyl peroxide ingredients used in acne treatment reduce the effect of it, so it is beneficial to use them together. However, an essential item to note is that it is necessary not to have applications such as chemical peeling and laser while using retinol.

We have studied a few products for you that contain retinol, which reduces the signs of ageing by activating the retinoids in our skin.

Darphin Ideal Resource Youth Retinol Oil Concentrate

Darphin Ideal Resource Youth Retinol Oil Concentrate consisting of 60 opaque capsules that do not come into contact with air. Prevents skin sensitivity by combining retinoids with nourishing oils such as jojoba and macadamia. Moreover, these capsules, applied before the moisturising cream, are also suitable for use around the eyes.

Institute Esthederm Intensive Retinol Oil Serum

Institute Esthederm Intensive Retinol Oil Serum helps trigger cell regeneration and strengthens. The structure of the epidermis by increasing the synthesis of essential macromolecules in the skin. The serum leaves a silky and non-oily feeling on the skin with its dry oil formula, Combining it with valuable oils such as apricot and papyrus. You can use it with Intensive Cream to increase its effect.


Retinol and its active metabolites such as retinal, tretinoin, and also alitretinoin belong to a group of first-generation retinoids. It can effectively penetrate the stratum corneum (lipophilic nature of retinoids). Therefore, age, cellular metabolism, cardiovascular function, stratum corneum thickness, level of hydration. Analyzed area of the face are essential factors in mature skin therapies.

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