Netnaija Action Movies: The best website to download movies for free online is NetNaija Movies. Without a membership, you can download popular movies, music, videos, and Korean TV shows from

In contrast to Netflix, it offers a free subscription. It gives you more information about the different movie categories that the website offers.

This post explains how to download free movies from Netnaija; all you have to do is read it through to the finish and it will walk you through simple, stress-free methods. Therefore, let’s begin.

Meanwhile, the NetNaija Movies website has fantastic features that are simple to use and make downloading movies and other media stuff straightforward.

NetNaija Movies Categories

To make it simple for you to locate the movie you’re looking for on the website, Netnaija Movies offers a number of categories.

It is intriguing for you to access due to the variety of these categories. This makes it possible for you to choose your preferred decision with little difficulty.

You should be familiar with the movie categories that are offered on the website as a new user.

Although NetNaija offers a wide range of content, including apps, music videos, TV shows, sports documentaries, and pageant shows, NetNaija movies continue to be the site to go to for incredible entertainment.

You can use the platform’s movie categories to find and download individual films and complete seasons of television shows.

Like the majority of reliable websites online, Netnaija films are organised by title. You can arrange the list of films in a category as you browse the homepage by popularity, time, period, or genre.

If the Yoruba genre of Nollywood films appeals to you, there has recently been an addition to the category. You can look it up under the NetNaija Category since it’s likely to be listed there.

  • Nollywood movies
  • Hollywood movies
  • Bollywood movies

There is a long list of movies category on Netnaija. First, let’s take a look at the Nollywood category. Below are some of the Nollywood movies contained on NetNaija:

  • One wish
  • Sorrowful maiden
  • Gold ashes
  • The family business
  • Game of the Thrones
  • Crown of victory

 How to Download Netnaija Movies

It’s possible that you’re eager to get it from the website. Even though it is frequently challenging, you can download any movie of your choice if you follow a step-by-step method. You’re covered by this article, so don’t worry.

Here are important steps to take to download movies from the website:

  • Open a web browser
  • Type in
  • Click on videos
  • Select the movie category of your choice
  • Scroll down to get download options, click on it and it will download immediately

Once you click on the download it starts downloading automatically into your device.

Netnaija Videos

There is a section on the Netnaija where you may download popular videos to watch later. The way these movies are arranged will make your website search valuable. The videos listed below are some you might find interesting;

  • Gospel videos
  • Foreign music videos
  • videos
  • Comedy videos
  • Video news
  • Sports videos etc.

How to Download Netnaija Videos

To download Netnaija videos use the simple steps below;

  • open your browser, type in
  • Select the video icon
  • Choose any video that interests you
  • After that, a display of another page will appear
  • Click on the download button
  • After which you click on “download now” it will download instantly to your device

Netnaija Music

On the Netnaija website, a tonne of music is accessible for free download. All you have to do is access the internet and browse the website’s information on them. You may find a variety of music compilations on Netnaija, including:

  • Highlife music
  • Blues music
  • Religious sermon
  • Foreign Music
  • Instrumentals music
  • African music
  • Gospel music
  • Old school music
  • Upcoming artist,

and a lot more Simply browse the internet to see additional music libraries.

On the Netnaija website, music videos are available for download and viewing. You will enjoy the superb video quality it provides; give it a try today.

How to Download Netnaija Music Videos

There are several ways to download music, however the following are the quickest and most straightforward steps to take while attempting to download music videos from Netnaija;

  • Search for  on your browser
  • Click on the music link that appears at the top of the page
  • Select any music of your choice from the numerous options that appear on the screen of your device.
  • After that you browse down, you will see a play icon and a stop icon that looks like a box
  • Click on the “download better” link
  • Then another page will appear, click on the “download now “

The music will start downloading immediately into your device directly.