Manassinakkare: The story revolves around the two cousins Kavya and Anjali who are sisters non by birth but through heart. Kavya is self-centered and obsessed while Anjali is selfless and caring. Kavya was in a relationship with Abhijith. But she dominated and controlled him.

Later, he realized the difference between obsession and true love after getting closer to Anjali. Soon he fell in love with Anjali.

Meanwhile, Anjali’s father sadly passed away. This made Abhijith even more sympathetic to Anjali.

On the wedding day, Kavya learns about Abhijith’s love for Anjali. She made Abhijith and Anjali’s marriage despite Anjali’s displeasure.

On the similar day, Kavya marries Aadharsh; Abhijith’s brother which caused Kavya’s mother to hate Anjali. Abhijith’s mother Suhasini hates Anjali since of past bitterness. Radhika who is Shankar’s sister loves Anjali and sees her as a daughter.

Anjali had secured a good place for herself in Radhika’s heart. Kavya, Aadharsh, Abhijith and Radhika support Anjali. But Suhasini and Kavya’s mother Renuka hates Anjali.

Later, it is exposed that Abhijith is Suhasini’s adopted son and his father is Shankar. Kavya and Anjali found out that Abhijith’s biological mother is Suhasini’s sister and also revealed to Kavya and Anjali that all the property belongs to Abhijith.

They also find out that Shankar is the real bad guy and he tries to destroy Suhasini’s business reputation.

The ‘Kavianjali’ duo fight against Shankar and make efforts to expose him in front of everyone. Now Parvathi who is Aadharsh’s former love seems.

She became friends with Kavya and Anjali. Suhasini proposals her a job in their company, not knowing Parvathi’s true identity.



Manassinakkare is a Malayalam series which will air on Surya TV from Monday to Saturday, and the time to watch this series would be 7:30 p.m.

The first episode aired on August 23, 2021 and the main cast of this series would be Aarthy Sojan, Ashwathy Ash and Vishnu Nair.

The supporting roles in this series would be Rohith Ved and Jennifer Antony. Manasinakkare will be a remake of Kavyanjali, a popular daily serial from Kannada.

This was well received by both audiences and critics. The show also earned high TRP ratings. Manasinakkare’s storyline will provide audiences with an unprecedented experience.

The story will not be a typical drama between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. For Malayalam audiences, this will be an unusual type of floor.

The one-line plot of this series revolves around the relationships between sisters and brothers and paints a picture of love and camaraderie.

06:00 PM – Ente Madhavu
06:30 PM – Thingal Kalaman
07:00 PM – Kanyadanam
07:30 PM – Manassinakkare
08:00 PM – Kanakanmani
08:30 PM – Anchinodu Inchochinchu
09:30 PM – Swantham Sujatha
10:00 PM – Kanyadanam
10:30 PM – Manassinakkare
11:00 PM – Kanakanmani

Manassinakkare Malayalam Serial Cast

Arathy Sojan Kavya
Ashwathy Ash N/A
Vishnu V Nair N/A
Rohith Ved N/A
Jennifer Antony N/A

Language Of Manassinakkare Serial

Manassinakkare hails from Malayalam, and the entire cast and crew hail from Kerala. The series airs on Surya TV on weekdays.

The whole crew and cast are excited about this series and how it is getting positive reviews from the audience.

Each episode will be 22 minutes long and currently season 1 is airing. The story is based on a love drama with lots of ups and downs.

Manassinakkare Serial Details

Name of the serial Manassinakkare
Director Saji surendran
Date of first episode August 23, 2021
Genre Love Drama
Channel Surya TV
Language Malayalam
Telecasting time Approximately 20 to 22 minutes per episode
Number of seasons Season 1
Serial timings 7.30 PM
Main cast Arathy Sojan, Ashwathy Ash and Vishnu V Nair

Manasinakkare Serial Cast

The series begins Arathy Sojan and Ashwathy in the lead roles. Vishnu V nair and Jay prakash in the management of the main male roles.

Secondary characters are Jennifer Antony, Divya Sreedhar, Rohit Ved and others.

Manasinakkare Serial Cast

Arathy Sojan

Arathy sojan is not a new face She is a television and Film actress, who predominantly works in Malayalam.Arathy sojan played a lead role in Pookalam Varavayi.


Ashwathy is a famous model and actress in Malayalam industry. She is handle a lead female role in Manasinakkare Serial.

Rohit Ved

Rohit Ved is a model and actor who is active in Malayalam film and television industry. He is appeared a lead role in Swanthanam Serial on Asianet.

Jennifer Antony

Jennifer Antony is not a new face. She is a TV and Film actress, who predominantly works in Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Hindi.

Jennifer Antony screened so many serial and Movies in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada etc.Her famous works are Bharya, Naagini and Others.

Divya Sridhar

Divya Sridhar is a television actress who works predominantly in Malayalam. Her famous works are Ar Padatha Painkili and Sumangali Bhava Etch.

Manassinakkare Malayalam Serial Cast -FAQs

1. What is this serial about?

Manassinakkare is a Malayalam serial which will be telecasted on Surya TV from Monday to Saturday andthe timing to watch this serial would be 7.30pm.

2. When did the first episode air?

The first episode aired on August 23, 2021.

3. Who are the main characters in this serial?

The main cast of this serial would be Aarthy Sojan, Ashwathy Ash, and Vishnu Nair.

4. Who are the supporting role?

The supporting roles in this serial would be Rohith Ved and Jennifer Antony.

5. What language is the serial?

The serial is telecasted in Malayalam.