How to Make an iPhone App?

iPhone App

Making an iPhone App is not such an easy thing. You need to have the required programming knowledge and graphics skills according to your needs. In addition to these, you must follow the platform updates frequently and keep your application compatible with these updates.

Today, especially in our country, the number of people who know programming is very few. We will take this as the denominator and try to answer questions such as how to make a mobile application, make an iOS application, and create an iOS application without knowing the code.

Build Your iPhone App Yourself

The development of technology has made many things more accessible. You can find many stages on the internet that will help you develop your iOS application quickly, without writing a single line of code, with an affordable budget. You don’t even need to know programming to create a mobile app today.

Through these platforms, whether I can create an iOS application without knowing to program it, how I can develop my iOS application, whether I should spend big money-making my iOS application, and how to create an iOS application are history.

With GoodBarber, you can easily create your iOS app with a small investment. Of course, it is possible to build your application not only for iOS but also for Android with a few clicks.

How to Make Your iPhone App

First, focus on which platform users you will be building your app. In this article, we will explain it for iOS. However, using the same methods and similar steps, you can create your app with the same structure for Android as for iOS.

Now, go to and click the “Create Your App” button on the screen. You can reach the platform by continuing from here. The fact that the platform has Turkish language support makes things easier.

In this step, you will determine the name of your application, choose the category, use your e-mail address, and create your account with a strong password for your security.

After a short wait, you will reach the hello screen that welcomes you. As it says on this screen, you will indeed be able to create your application quickly, in just three steps.

1. Design and Customize Your App

You are now free! The job port to your creativity and imagination. You can create and edit everything from the shank to the bead of your app within the specified requirements. With GoodBarber, you can customise your app’s navigation mode, header, body, splash screen, and several app appearance aspects, such as its icon.

The first stage is to pay attention to the design. GoodBarber has placed more than ten ready-made themes carefully prepared for your applications in its theme library. You can even choose any of the ready-made themes created for you and make adjustments to them.

  • Choose the theme you want and apply it! That’s all.
  • You can use the preview mode to check your changes and instantly view what you have done.
  • On the preview screen, it is also likely to test the appearance of your application on multiple devices.

2. Add Content to Your App

We think the content is as important as the design for your application. Now you can make an effort on the content of your app.

You can add your content to the content of your application and pull content from ready-made places such as WordPress, Blogger, and RSS. Especially if you are designing an application for your website, this will be very useful for you. Because with this method, the application content and your site will go simultaneously.

You have the option to add more than 60 sections to your application. In particular, you can easily add content such as a contact form, customisable general form, about us, e-commerce, Facebook, and Twitter to your application. With a few modest edits, you can make the necessary adjustments as in professional applications.

3. Test Your App

Suppose things are not going well about design or code. In that case, it is helpful to know about this before sending your application to the App Store or Google Play Store and intervening immediately. For this, GoodBarber offers you a unique testing method.

After you download the application called My GoodBarber from the App Store, you can subject your application to an actual application test directly on your device. You can download the application by continuing here.

4. Submit Your App to the App Store

It is the most challenging part after practising with GoodBarber and isn’t easy because of Apple’s iOS app developers and the terms and requirements for the app to work. It would help if you met these conditions. Otherwise, although it makes sense to make your application, publishing it in the App Store does not make sense.

·        Apple Developer Account

The essential thing is to purchase an Apple Developer account. Otherwise, you cannot publish your app on the App Store.

·        In-App App Store Regulations

At this point, GoodBarber offers you unlimited and broad support, as well as helping you to take action on your behalf. Your primary attention will be on the design and content of your application. Of course, there is an additional charge for the second option. In summary, you can be sure that you can easily overcome any of these steps.

·        If you’re ready, let’s send it!

After making all the edits, you can submit your app to the App Store. You will need a Mac processor running macOS or OS X for this.

After downloading your application file and previewing images from GoodBarber to your computer, go to Apple Developer Center and make the necessary entries for your application.

After making all the arrangements and entries, you can send your application to your Mac with an Application Loader.

Review of Your App by App Store Editors

First of all, let’s say that App Store editors only work on weekdays. It can take up to 15 days for an app to be reviewed and published on the App Store. So, it is the maximum time and can be shortened depending on the situation.

The review process starts 24-48 hours after you submit your application, and the final review step takes 48-72 hours. After this step, your application will publish. You can follow the test processes instantly on your iPhone with the application called iTunes Connect. You can download the application from the App Store by continuing here.


Some ways are more manageable for those who want to make and sell iPhone apps than others. More than half a million iPhone apps have found success through Apple’s App Store. Being on the App Store, an extension of iTunes, means you’ll also get great support from Apple. The surest way to enter the App Store is to follow Apple’s guidelines to create and develop unique and marketable applications. So you can access specific developer guides when you sign up with the Apple iOS developer.

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