Intelligent Batteries When trying to get the lowest possible purchase price, it’s easy to overlook the importance of specifying the optimal battery for your application—and matching it with the correct charger. An inappropriate combination can drastically shorten the life of your battery. And, on the contrary, a good variety can reduce the energy bill by up to 30% – and this is not the only advantage.

Although the initial expense is higher, the lifetime running costs of electric trucks are almost always cheaper than their LG gas or diesel equivalents over five years.

Euro for euro, electric trucks give you more energy per cent. It makes a big difference, as energy costs are high (only to operator cost).

Specifying the right combination of battery and charger is paramount for minimizing running costs. Requires the buyer to take a global approach rather than opting for the lowest purchase prices.

The Right Mix

A forklift battery is expensive – typically more than 20% of the total purchase price of the machine. This is not surprising since, in effect, it will be your source of fuel for the next five years. As such, it is vital to make the most of it.

Battery technology has improved considerably in recent years. But so has the design and performance of chargers, especially the new generation of Intelligent Batteries models.

Intuitively designed, this new class of chargers senses a battery’s age, condition, temperature, and charge, meaning you no longer have to worry about overcharging, undercharging, or shortening battery life. Battery.

With 50Hz chargers and Active Inverter Ri technology, you can achieve up to 93% efficiency, a 50% increase over conventional chargers.

Beware Of Inadequate Savings

A cheap battery may look like a good deal when considering the initial purchase price. However, if you look further, the numbers reflect something very different. While with all things in life, you tend to get what you pay for with batteries and chargers.

Cheaper batteries tend to use much lower quality lead or even less lead altogether. So even if you save several pounds/euros on the deal initially, you will have far fewer battery cycles before the entire unit needs to replace.

To Ensure That You Get The Safest And Most Extended Life From Your Intelligent Batteries:

  • Do not change a battery that is only partially discharged (lead-acid only)
  • Always complete the charge cycle before unplugging
  • Fill only with distilled water
    • Regularly check the plug and socket
  • Compare smart chargers with traditional versions: they are more expensive but avoid many problems (over-charging, under-charging, etc.), extend battery life, optimize shift length and reduce energy/running costs

Changing Market

If they were the basis of indoor operations in the past, they could use both indoors and outdoors thanks to the advent of weatherproof electric trucks such as the Mitsubishi 80V EDiA EX.

Furthermore, although the standard practice is to replace the current truck with a similar one (e.g. diesel for diesel), this too is starting to change.

And it’s easy to understand why. The media EX is the top model in its electric truck class. Still, when you compare it directly to its IC engine equivalents, you’ll find that it outperforms them in many ways, including acceleration, maximum travel, and lift speeds.

A Brilliant Idea

In Suffolk, England, a Mitsubishi customer could get even more out of the media EX by harnessing the sun’s energy to charge his truck.

Owner of a moving company, he installed solar panels on the roof of his warehouse. During the sunnier months, the panels provide the power to charge your truck’s batteries for free. In addition, by selling excess energy to energy providers, you can cover the maintenance costs of your vehicle.


Spending time finding the right battery-charger combination is not only financially wise, but it’s also safer. Considering lifetime costs is one of the most imaginative things you can do.

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