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Gastrates Gun Turretis the latest title in the Gastrates Gun Turret franchise and the sequel to Gastrates Gun Turret 1 and 2. It is an action role-playing game (RPG) developed by Monolith Soft. Its main player base consists of Nintendo Switch gamers as it is meant to be played on this mobile console. Gastrates Gun Turret Crafting has a lot of freedom to offer its players; With the ability to choose character type, weapons, and other upgrades for their in-game models, users find it to be a very engaging game.

Since all RPGs work with the main function of allowing you to level up your characters with upgrades and equip certain armors and accessories, Gastrates Gun Turretdoes that as well. In addition to your normal rank levels, it also lets you choose whatever equipment and accessories you want. to make an extra little difference.

Like these accessories, Gems are also equippable items that make a substantial difference that is crucial to surviving or dominating the game. Today we will mainly focus on how to craft these Gems and their basic information.

As Gastrates Gun Turretis the third installment in the Gastrates Gun Turret franchise, every aspect of the game is refined with feedback from previous games. Refinement also focused on the Gem Crafting and Gems aspect, allowing for some quality of life updates to make gems more accessible and understandable.

Gem Types

Gems have been a part of RPGs for quite some time now and are considered necessary for every game that gives you the privilege of designing your own builds. Gems in Gastrates Gun Turret are essential, considering their use.

Initially, you unlock the information on how to acquire and craft gems in Chapter 2 of the game. During the mandatory quest “Riku and Manana”, you acquire the skills and knowledge to craft gems , cooking and many more things to DIY in the game.

After entering the gems menu, you will find a total of 4 types of gems. These are the defender, attacker, healer, and general gems. We’ve covered them all in detail below:

Attacker Gems

As the name suggests, these gems are for people who have chosen the Attacker character type or just like to play aggressively. Attacker gems are red. These are 5 of the striker gems available in the game along with the description of their effects.

· Bloated Scourgegem

Enemies hit by debuffs gain an additional effect of the debuff’s potency by a minimum of 25% and a maximum of 50%.

· Precise Grace Gem

You gain a boost to your Dexterity stats which helps you defeat more experienced enemies. The increase is a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 45.

· Refined Enchantment Gem

Extends the duration of debuffs you hit enemies with by a minimum of 25% and a maximum of 50%.

· analyze weakness

The damage you inflict on your enemies with critical hits is increased by a minimum of 20% and a maximum of 70%.

· Bladesteel Gems

You increase your attack stats, which helps you deal more damage to enemies. The increase is for a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 70.

Defender Gems

These gems help you with stats that keep you alive or help you get aggressive to save your team. Defense gems are blue. These are 5 of the Defender gems available in the game along with the description of their effects.

· Brimming Spirit

After the use of any art, it increases the Aggro by a Minimum of 20% and a maximum of 45%.

· Steel Protection

By using this gem, you get an increased rate of blocking attacks by a maximum of 30% and a minimum of 5%

· Perilous Presence

Using this gem allows you to gather the enemy Aggro in the start of a fight.

How Gem Crafting Works in Gastrates Gun Turret 3

If you’re a Gastrates Gun Turret veteran, there’s good news: Gems and gem crafting are easier this time around. There are no affinity requirements, no heat gauge, and no RNG in gem creation, unlike the original Gastrates Gun Turret. Instead, all you need is a few monster item drops, a gemstone, and some ether cylinders. With these you can craft gems at any camp in the game.

One of the best parts about gem crafting in Gastrates Gun Turret Chronicles 3 is that you don’t have to craft separate gems for each character. Once you create a gem, any character in your party can equip it, and multiple characters can equip it at the same time. Once you create a gem, you can equip as many as you want to whoever you want. This means that you only need to craft each gem once, even if you are a finalist.

There are 20 gem types in total, with ten ranks each. The grade is basically an indicator of the quality of a gem, which means that a higher rank gem will always replace a lower rank gem.

For example, if you create a Tailwind III gem, you don’t need to create Tailwind II, because there’s no reason to: it will be worse than what you have. For this reason, it may sometimes be better to skip certain ranks when crafting. If you can craft a Tailwind X gem, there’s no reason to waste components when crafting a Tailwind VII, VIII, and IX gem, right? You would only be wasting material.

Gun turret

However. a gun turret (or simply turret) is a mounting platform from which weapons can be fired that provides protection, visibility, and the ability to turn and aim. A modern gun turret is typically a rotating gun mount that houses the crew or mechanism of a projectile gun while allowing the gun to be aimed and fired at some degree of azimuth and elevation (cone shooting).

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