Disabilities Giving to Figures Canada, One in five (22%) of the Canadian River people old 15 and over has one or more disabilities. And at around point, most of us will face some temporary, situational or permanent disability.

Today, with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we remember that the pandemic has affected everyone. It has changed how we think, act and function in our daily lives. 6.2 million Canadians or billions of people worldwide who live with a disability, the effects of the pandemic are even more severe. In many circumstances, people with disabilities had higher risks of COVID transmission. In contrast, others faced hardship due to closures and regulations that distanced them from their communities and required provision systems.

Persons Disabilities Who Are Deaf Or Tough Of Hearing,

who rely on visual cues, face a new world of masked faces. People who are blind or visually impaired have had to adapt to the spatial reconstruction of known environments due to social distancing. People suffering from mental health issues seek more support services due to overwhelming feelings of prolonged stress, fear and anxiety.

Today, on the Global Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD). Self poverty to reproduce on our team’s tremendous progress, partners, and dedicated people and companies we have the pleasure of work. As a skilled company, Microsoft recognizes the power of digital tools and solutions to reach and support people with disabilities. We partner with organizations worldwide to create policies and programs that promote digital inclusion and provide everyone with better access to education, jobs and public services.

Accessibility Starts At Home Disabilities

Microsoft strives to promote an inclusive culture across the company. Our global sides work tirelessly to put processes that create and sustain a varied and complete nation. This driver involves attracting and recruiting people with disabilities through our Inclusive Hiring Program worldwide, assessing people for more flexible roles so that people with disabilities have the best opportunity to showcase their skills.

One Such Program Is Ability Hack

an annual week-long hackathon that transports employees from across the company to find solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. The Ability Hack hackathon efforts on programs that enable people with disabilities to use technology. We also have accessibility roles in a change of disciplines. Our career site for inclusive hiring delivers details on open positions, upcoming events, employee testimonials, frequently asked questions for applicants with disabilities, a Disability Hiring Toolkit for recruiters, and information on the Microsoft hiring program for people with autism resources.

Using Technology To Secure Global Independence.

At Microsoft, we consume a mission to empower and empower all people with disabilities in Canada and around the world. As Microsoft’s Executive Sponsor for People with Disabilities in Canada, I believe accessibility to the right technology is a powerful force for inclusion. Through the efforts of its engineers and accessibility experts, Microsoft strives to meet or exceed new accessibility requirements. Leveraging technologies like reproduction intelligence (AI), which we see as an enabler of inclusion, Microsoft is taking innovations to help a small society and scaling them up.

AI enables tech companies like Microsoft to develop products and services that can perceive, learn, reason, and help users worldwide, including people living with disabilities. That’s why Microsoft is integrating AI into its products. Features like auto-complete, which may seem mundane to most, help make the world a better place for someone. The most ordinary thing is complex—real-time speech-to-text transcription. Text prediction is based on machine learning, which is the basis of artificial intelligence. The more we type, the more the AI can predict what we will write next.

Our AI For Accessibility Inventiveness Aims To Amplify Human Capabilities Through Grants

Technology investments and expertise. We want to invest in ideas developed by or with people with disabilities. If you are passionate and have such thoughts, apply for our AI accessibility scholarship.

Recently. And also Microsoft announced the availability of the Surface Adaptive Kit. Created in our Inclusive Tech Lab. And also the Surface Adaptive Kit results from designing in partnership with people with disabilities. This kit makes appliances more accessible without compromising form or function. Essential labels, shape labels, port labels, and even stand openings make it easier than ever to find, open. And also use devices. Easier for everyone.

Windows 11 accessibility features like Magnifier, High Contrast. And also and Braille help the blind and visually impaired community. We’ve also added input learning mode in the Narrator feature to give users the skill to send commands from an upright touchscreen or Braille and receive feedback on what they’re doing. Speake enhanced brilliant image descriptions. And also  allowing AI to generate image images without alt writing on demand. And also The command without invoking it.

Games for Everyone

At games more accessible for the nearly 400 million gamers with disabilities worldwide. If the pandemic has taught me anything over the past two years. And also  it’s the power of games to sustain and create connections, the importance of play. And also  the meaning of inclusion. On the path to accessibility, we know that to make gaming a place. And also where everyone can have fun to see words and images better and our games. And also It’s about empowering our players to play in the best way for them. Watch this video of Steve Saylor, a blind gamer. And also conquering the gaming world through the power of technology.

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