Chile National Football Team Vs Colombia National Football Team Lineups

Chile National Football Team vs Colombia national football team lineups 2023-2024. Played this math on 12 September 2023; it’s draw math. Here below, we are giving information about these matches and the Chile National Football Team Vs Colombia National Football Team Lineups list.

Chile National Football Team Vs Colombia National Football Team Lineups List


Starting lineup:
Goalkeeper                                  Brayan Cortés
Defender                                     Matías Catalán
Defender                                     Guillermo Maripán
Defender                                     Erick Pulgar
Defender/Midfielder                 Rodrigo Echeverría
Defender/Midfielder                 Gary Medel (captain)
Defender/Midfielder                 Arturo Vidal
Midfielder                                   Gabriel Suazo
Midfielder                                   Diego Valdés
Midfielder/Forward                   Alexis Sánchez
Forward                                      Ben Brereton Diaz

Chile National Football Team Vs Colombia National Football Team Lineups List

Starting lineup:
Camilo Vargas                             Goalkeeper
Yerry Mina                                   Defender
Jhon Lucumí                                Defender/Midfielder
Deiver Machado                         Defender/Midfielder
Daniel Muñoz                             Defender/Midfielder
Jhon Arias                                   Midfielder
Jorge Carrascal                          Midfielder
Jefferson Lerma                        Midfielder
Mateus Uribe                            Midfielder(captain)
Rafael Borré                              Midfielder/Forward
Luis Díaz                                    Midfielder/Forwar

About Match – Chile National Football Team Vs Colombia National Football Team Lineups

Alexis Sanchez is regarded as the Colombian team’s top player in this match since he wins more momentum when playing at full speed. Ed Mark and Loma Zapata have excellent chemistry; Sanchez makes good use of opportunities to win the ball by positioning himself correctly. The mother team, however, finds it difficult to get past the problematic page and has not made any progress beyond where they were at the beginning.

About Match - Chile National Football Team Vs Colombia National Football Team Lineups
Colombia is playing well on the break, controlling the ball in midfield and executing deft counterattacks. The management feels that preferential treatment is being provided to someone there, and they have created a one-nil lead. Peter needs to improve there since he has to be bundled over and have an opportunity to make a fantastic save.

Colombia switches players, sending Sanchez and Mattel toward the wings. Paul has to improve in this area since chilling is headed in the correct direction. Rodriguez has a genuine opportunity to extend their advantage from there. Chile is not going down without a fight; I think that’s a great mentality. Zapata attempts to advance a free kick that Lurma crosses as fast as possible.

With a skillfully placed cross from Mattel forward and Sanchez, Colombia altered the course of the match. Chile had a loose ball and a pop, which was a respectable attitude. Another substitution was made by Colombia when Sanchez collided with the ground, fouling Luis Muriel. Colombia prevailed, but the referee did not seem to have any remorse for what he had done. At the last whistle, the score was still up for grabs.

About Chile National Football Team Vs Colombia National Football Team Lineups

Chile National Football Team

The Chile national football team, or La Roja, represents Chile in international competitions. Established in 1895, the team participated in nine World Cups and hosted the 1962 FIFA World Cup. They won their first Copa América title in 2015 and defended it the following year. Chile has been a competitive force in South American football, winning the Copa America tournament twice. The team plays at Estadio Nacional in Santiago and is known for its attacking style. The team’s performance can change from year to year and tournament to tournament. Notable athletes like Claudio Bravo, Arturo Vidal, and Alexis Sánchez have significantly impacted the team’s performance.

About Chile National Football Team Vs Colombia National Football Team Lineups

Colombia National Football Team

“Los Cafeteros” (The Coffee Growers), Colombia’s national football team, is overseen by the Colombian Football Federation and plays for the nation in international football competitions. The squad has experience competing internationally, having previously competed in the Copa America and the FIFA World Cup. The Copa America competition, which Ecuador and Colombia jointly hosted in 2001, was won by Colombia.

The Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez in Barranquilla is the principal home stadium for the Colombian national football team. The squad plays its home games at several venues around Colombia. The team has competed in six World Cups; their best showing was in Brazil in 2014. Their 2001 hosting victory in the Copa América is their best international accomplishment. The 1990s saw Colombia at its best, with players like Freddy Rincón, Carlos Valderrama, and Faustino Asprilla competing in elite European competitions. Colombia performed better in the 2014 World Cup qualifications, and the squad returned to the tournament in 2014, reaching the quarterfinals.

Here Are The Basic Features Of Football

Field of Play

The pitch, sometimes called the football field of play, is a rectangular area used for football games. Its dimensions are typically 50–100 meters wide and 100–110 meters long. Goal lines, touchlines, penalty areas, penalty spots, center circles, midway lines, and corner arcs are some of the lines and locations used to denote it. When defensive players commit a foul, they are penalized, while goalkeepers manage the ball inside their goal area. Usually composed of artificial turf or natural grass, the field is encircled by goalposts, seating for spectators, and advertising boards.


Both professional and amateur football teams share standard features such as the squad, starting XI, substitutions, coaching staff, captain, jerseys and kits, home and away matches, home stadium, training facilities, club badge and colors, youth academy, and supporters and fans. The starting XI is the first team, and substitutions can be made during matches. Team captains lead the team, and distinctive jerseys and kits are used. Home stadiums serve as a focal point for fans, and training facilities include pitches, fitness areas, and video analysis rooms. Club badges and colors represent the team’s identity, and many professional teams have youth academies for talent development.

Game Duration

FIFA and other regulatory organizations set the average length of a football match, which consists of two halves that last 45 minutes each. Halftime usually occurs fifteen minutes after the start of play, giving players a chance to recover and receive coaching advice. To make up for play halts, you might add injuries to each half, sometimes referred to as injury time or additional time.

In knockout events, extra time may be played if there is a tie at the conclusion of regulation time. A penalty shootout may decide the match if the scores are tied. To avoid having an edge because of the wind or the state of the field, teams trade ends at the end of the first half and during extra time. The referee keeps official time and may be interrupted due to injury or other circumstances. However, there may be variances in young or amateur football regarding the actual match duration because of things like stoppages and extended time.


The Chile National Football Team Vs Colombia National Football Team Lineups list is given in the above article. Every football match starts before the football club provides the team players’ lineup.

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