Face Freezing: Benefits Of Ice On The Face To Extravagance, Acne And More

Ice your face is an easy technique that can help you get quick results for treating ageing, dark circles,  and acne. Thanks to its effects on the skin, cold can help hydrate, revitalize and tone your skin. I will tell you how it works below.

What Changes If We Put Ice On My Face

The application of ice on the face or Face Icing is a simple technique that consists of applying ice to the front with circular massages to hydrate, revitalize and tone the skin.

What effect does ice have on the skin?

Ice on the face has immediate effects on treating ageing. Low temperatures can keep skin firmer and smoother due to its anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, the cold causes the blood to rise to the surface, which soothes and firms the skin.

Thus, ice stimulates blood circulation, loosens facial muscles, reduces swelling, revitalizes and tones the skin.

Benefits of smearing ice to the look:

Ice on the face and skin is good because it brings you many benefits such as:

  • Activate circulation _
  • reduce dark circles
  • Reduce facial and under-eye puffiness
  • close the pores
  • Reduce signs of ageing
  • fight acne _
  • soothe irritated skin

Fixes Ice On The Skin To Get Free Of Acne

Applying ice to the skin is one of the fastest and most effective solutions to treat acne temporarily because the cold helps to:

  • Relieve pain by temporarily reducing nerve activity
  • Reduce swelling by activating blood circulation
  • Accelerate recovery and promote healing of the soft tissues of the skin
  • Reduces the production of sebum and the opening of pores (avoids the obstruction of fat, if you want to know more about how acne appears, see our blog here )

In What Way To Apply Ice To The Expression

  1. clean face
  2. Wrap the ice in a cloth or scarf (direct contact of ice on the skin can cause burns)
  3. Give a message on the complexion with circular movements
  4. Do it in the direction of the muscles so that it penetrates better
  5. Do the process once or twice a day.

Someplace To Apply Ice On The Face

You can perform circular movements several times a day in the following areas  of the face :

  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Chin
  • Lips
  • Nose
  • under the eyes
  • eyelids
  • temples

References For A Spread On Ice To The Skin

The great thing near this structure is that the situation has no contraindications; you can do it several times a day, every day. Remember to follow the following recommendations to take care of your skin:

  • You can apply a moisturizer after cleansing your face and applying ice; this helps protect and soften the skin.
  • It is vital to avoid sun exposure before treating your skin to avoid sunburn and irritation.
  • If you will use ice as a temporary solution to treat acne, remember to change the cloth and ice for each area of the skin. Prevents the feast of bacteria from one area to another.

Bonus tip: It doesn’t have to be excellent.

The primary function of ice is the cold on the skin. You can apply other frozen products; however, we recommend ice because it is water and has neutral properties on the skin.

You can make ice cubes with products that will increase the benefits on your skin:

  • Aloe vera: Helps temporarily relieve acne and sunburn.
  • Green Tea: It has antibacterial properties that help clean the skin.


Remember that the effects of this incredible technique are quick and temporary, and it will help you a lot in your day to day life. You can enhance its results by combining it with different products and techniques suitable for your skin’s needs and improving the outcomes of face icing.



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