Axillary Hyperhidrosis, Treatment, and More

The Final Treatment For Axillary Hyperhidrosis

The permanent, side-effect-free method to stop excessive perspiration.

Axillary Hyperhidrosis is a little-known disease considered by excessive sweating in some body areas and whose interferes with daily activities.

It is a disorder of the autonomic nervous system, which affects about 3 per cent of the world’s population. It usually involves a particular part of the body symmetrically.

The exact causes are complex and varied, including the body’s inability to achieve thermoregulation. Because the glands overreact, people with excessive sweating can sweat up to five times more than normal.

In general, hyperhidrosis begins in childhood or adolescence and occurs at least once a week, although in some cases it can occur daily, almost always during the day.

More than 70 percent of women go through menopause at some point in their lives and experience hot flashes. These normal experiences cause an increase in temperature, which can cause excessive sweating for between 30 seconds and half an hour.

A study from the University of Wurzburg in Germany found that 73 per cent of people with hyperhidrosis feel emotionally impaired and socially affected. 67.5 per cent stated that it is difficult for them to meet people for the first time, and 55.1 per cent said they felt limited in developing relationships with others and being in public places. In addition, those who suffer from it feel that their work is less effective and that the disease is an obstacle to their professional development.

Axillary Hyperhidrosis, The Most Frequent

Sixty per cent of hyperhidrosis cases registered in the armpits. Axillary hyperhidrosis develops because of overactive sweat glands in that area

Available treatments for However, its side effects include tachycardia; constipation; hypersensitivity to light; dry mouth, eyes and nose; and urinary retention.

There are also surgical procedures such as curettage and liposuction, which seek to injure the hypodermic glands. In any case, they are not effective on the dermal glands, and, in addition, the possibilities of retractions, depressions or scars are vast.

Botulinum Toxin Treatments

Due to the ineffectiveness of other treatments and their adverse consequences, a transitory method without side effects gained popularity: botulinum toxin. If injected directly into the armpits, it inhibits the release of acetylcholine, thereby reducing or eliminating underarm sweating for eight to twelve months.

The drawback of this treatment is its short duration: it must apply every year. For this reason, research continued to improve and prolong its

Microneedle Radiofrequency

This technique is apply through the Infinite system, which consists of a head transmitting radiofrequency through 49 surgical steel. Since sweat glands destroy, the result obtained in reducing perspiration is permanent.

The session begins with a diagnostic and marking test for starch-iodine: the armpits “painted” with povidone-iodine, then talcum powder is sprinkled on the “painted” armpits, and then the excess is removed by wiping with gauze. The marks the pores from which the sweat comes out, which will, in effect, be the area to treat.

The 200-micron diameter insulated microneedle head allows you to choose different degrees of power, duration and depth of action.

A microneedle enters the gel during treatment and emits energy only at the tip and not at the rest of the needle body.

The procedure is performed in the clinic. It does not require an operating room, nor is it an operation. It is performed under local an aesthesia and for a few minutes. In some cases, it is necessary to undergo two to four sessions. It is outpatient, which allows you to resume your everyday work and social activity without inconvenience.


After The starch-iodine test, image treatment with micro-needling: povidone-iodine is place on the armpit, and  the powder is sprinkle. In the image on the left, the pores from which sweat comes out are darker. In the image on the right, same test, the pores of the sweat glands in the same area. Certifies the destruction of said glands.

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