How to Create an Android App?

Create an Android App step by step

We have told you many things to consider for your Android app. But surely you want to know how to create your own. Well, we continue with our tutorial to make your Android app. Step by step, we guide you through the process of how to create an Android app.

1. Initial phase

This first phase is contacting your idea, sector, and mobile technology. You have work to do before you start looking for creators or designers. We begin with the first actual contact with your idea.

The idea of ​​an app for Android: The first thing you need to create an Android app is to have a good idea. The ideal is that it covers a need and solves a problem that mobile users have. Check your competition. If there are Android applications that already cover that need, make a better app. Maturize that idea until you consider that it could be viable.

Mockups: If you already have a clear idea, write down what your app would be similar to on paper. Make it simple, essential, and without design concepts. The mockup should reflect the basic functionality and user interaction. Try to style it easy to use and understand by the user.

2. Business phase

In this second phase, we go from the idea to the project. But we need to describe the project more largely and in part. We still don’t get down to work creating an Android app.

Business model besides monetization of your Android app: It is a period to describe the business model of your Android application. Creating an app objective for the sake of it doesn’t make sense. What do you want to reach with it? How are you going to realize it? As well as monetization means. We comprise them in this phase since they must decide before entering the development and design phase of the application itself.

Android application project definition: Therefore, you must create a document that imitates all aspects of your Android application. Fundamental part models form monetization and color brand design, and if it is not 100% whole, you can leave things on the inkstand. For example, if you need a distinct method or a specialized consultancy. Suppose you have already selected them.

If you don’t know how to define a good mobile plan, you can check our article about it (describe an excellent mobile app project). Here we will see all features of your app.

3. Development and design phase

It is the lengthiest phase of the entire process of creating applications for Android or any other OS. We enter the severe part, in the growth. We are among those who think that since you jump into the mobile pond, you have to do it well.

It is useless to create an app thinking it through without developing it well or promoting it. We will then find the Android professionals that best fit your project.

Android app development team: Since you want to and don’t know how to create an Android app, the best thing is to find someone who does. At Yeeply, we help you find a good development team specializing in Android. Specific in creating apps similar to yours.

Android app design: You must have in mind the creation of applications for your project. In the case of designing natural Android applications, you should think about how this operating system works. For example, in material plan animations, intelligent notifications, etc. In general, the design of applications for the Android OS aims for visual simplicity.

Get a Project Director: You need somebody to help you manage the course of making your Android app. Not because you are not capable, but to speed up the processes. This way, you can focus on more critical issues and not on logistics. From Yeeply, we can offer you one to help you manage your project.

4. Launch phase

Once all the courses have been legal, your application is almost complete for publication. Before launching it, you have to make some things so that it has all the possible repercussions. The first week of an app in the store is vital to gain visibility and begin to position itself.

ASO, the SEO of mobile applications: The ASO owes its name to its contraction in English for “App Store Optimization.” In other words, the ASO is the positioning of your app within the app stores. To get a decent ASO for your Android app, we have to describe the keywords well. It is highly optional that you have an ASO expert for this task. Since if you fail to position yourself well, you will not generate downloads of your Android app.

Prepare a press kit: So prepare a press release, advertising images of your app, and other materials you may need. Before the launch, it is convenient that you prepare a press kit to send to the media.

Spectacular launch: Now, yes. Let’s launch your app! Keep in mind that the upload to the stores is not immediate. In the case of Google Play, it typically takes a couple of hours, but for other Stores, such as the Apple Store, it can take several days. Synchronize your release. You release your app for multiple operating systems. And once your app is uploaded, the raise that you had prepared in advance begins.

5. Promotion phase

It is a critical phase. Many people who do not know how to create mobile applications and succeed focus on development. But the promotion part is just as important and requires the same budget that you invested in development. Without this phase, your product will end up disappearing in the stores. In addition to the more traditional promotion, we recommend that your campaign and promote your app in:

Specialised media: In media that talk about mobile applications and in media in your sector. For example, if you have created an Android app for cooking recipes, you can promote it in health and cooking media.

Influencers: Create relationships with influencers in your sector. If they like it and promote it, you will reach a large audience.

Advertisements: Take advantage of the online nature of apps to promote yourself with banners, social media ads, and in-app ads from other apps. You can always bet on the ads. I’m not referring to the ones on television, billboards, etc., which you can also do.


Android operating system is now becoming the best among other mobile operating systems. With Android versions, its features increase rapidly. You can all Google services with one operating system, namely “Android.”

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